Sunday, 14 December 2014

Pamper Day!

So, today I was feeling kind of under the weather, I was really tired and I think I'm getting a cold! So, I thought that I would have a long, hot bath and pamper myself!

Usually the first thing I would do on a pamper day is take off any make up I had on that day, but I didn't have any on today, so I just skipped that step!

What's a pamper day without a bath? I had a hard time selecting which bath bomb or bubble bar I should use!

I decided to use the Magic Star bubble bar from Lush, which I love! I got loads of bubbles with this, and it smells so sweet and nice, and the bubbles lasted for ages!

I was in the mood for a bath bomb too, so I used the Luxury Lush Pud from Lush. It smells really good, and it was so pretty to watch when I put it in the bath! 

I made myself a hot chocolate and put some biscuits and some chocolate pretzels (they're a lot nicer than they sound, I promise!)

Please try and ignore the big sellotape mark in the background, I didn't realise that you could see it when I took the photos!
I also had my favourite magazines with me, and I caught up on You Tube videos and watched quite a few episodes of Friends...

Then after I got out of the bath, I painted my nails (as usual!) with Essie's Watermelon, which is a bright pink!

Sorry this post was a bit short! Like I said earlier, I had been feeling really sick and achy all day, and I couldn't think of a post to write, so when I decided to have a pamper day, I thought it would be a good idea to make it into a blog post! I still feel icky, but I'm drinking yet another hot chocolate and eating more chocolate, and I'm hoping I'll feel better soon!

Thank you for reading!

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