Wednesday, 7 January 2015

2014 Beauty Favourites + Happy New Year!

Hello again! Happy new year! I hope you all had a fantastic 2014, my 2014 was a very good year for me, I done lots of exciting things this year, like meeting Zoella, going to a One Direction concert, going to other concerts and lots of other things!

Sorry for not posting for a while, I've been quite busy during the Christmas holidays and took a small break!

I have quite a lot of beauty favourites from last year, so let's get started!

Make Up:


Benefit 'Porefessional' primer - I've been using the Benefit 'Porefessional' primer for almost the whole of 2014, it makes my foundation go on so much smoother, and it keeps the rest of my make up it from slipping off my face! I just have a mini version, which came in a set, but the full sized version is around £24.

Benefit 'Hello Flawless' foundation - I've talked about this foundation quite a few times now, and I still really like it! I don't wear this foundation everyday now, I got a Rimmel foundation which has a lot more coverage, but when my skin doesn't need that much coverage, I like to use this! As I've said before, I use the shade 'I'm Pure 4 Sure-Ivory' which I think is the lightest shade! This foundation stays on all day for me and I really like it!


Urban Decay 'Naked 3' palette - I bought this palette at the start of last year, and at first, I wasn't sure if I could wear it a lot, because of the rose gold colour theme, but know I wear this palette loads! Dust, the second in from the left, is a very sheer, shimmery colour which doesn't really last on your lids, but apart from that, this palette is amazing! I now own the Naked 2 palette as well, I got it for Christmas, and that's a lot darker and neutral than the Naked 3, and I switch between that and the Naked 3 everyday. The colours are very pigmented, with the exception of Dust, and last all day, even without a primer.

Benefit 'They're Real!' mascara - This is by far the best mascara I've ever tried! I only have a mini version of this, as I got it in a set, but this mascara does just about everything! It curls, lengthens and gives so much volume! After this one dries up, I'm planning on getting a mascara that I've never tried before, as I've been using They're Real since the start of last year!


I have quite a few lip favourites to get through so I hope I don't bore you too much!

Rimmel Colour Rush Lip Crayons - I have two of these, in the shades 'Viva Violet' and 'Make Me Blush'. The darkest one, Viva Violet, was the first one I bought, and I didn't think that I'd wear it, but I've slowly started to wear it more and more, it's a dark pink, almost purple colour and it looks so pretty! Make Me Blush is a coral pink colour, it's very wearable even if you're like me and usually shy away from bright colours! I love both of these, as they stay on all day!

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in '101' - I bought this at the start of last year because there was so many Youtubers talking about this line of lipsticks! 101 is a matte coral pink colour, but this line has an amazing colour range, going from the palest nudes to the darkest reds! Being the person who hides from bright and dark lipsticks, 101 is a really good colour, as it isn't too bright, but is still very pigmented! This lipstick does have to be reapplied once of twice during the day, but that doesn't really bother me! 

MAC 'Angel' lipstick - I got this lipstick around April last year, after my birthday. This was my very first MAC lipstick, and I had no clue whatsoever what 'Cremesheen' or 'Amplified' or 'Frost' meant, I just paid attention to the actual colours and didn't pay attention to what the finishes of the lipsticks were. Angel is a frost, and since buying it I've realised that lots of people have said that they don't like the frost lipsticks, as sometimes they can dry out your lips, but when I wear it, it never seems to dry out mine! This lipstick is quite nude, so it's a really easy colour to just throw on before you go out of the door!

Maybelline Baby Lips - I own three of these, and I love them! I think they have helped my lips a bit, but they have a very sheer tint to them, which is easy to wear if you're just starting out on make up, or if you prefer to wear sheerer colours on your lips! I usually take one of these to school with me so I can reapply it during the day.


Clean and Clear 'Morning Energy' Facial Wash - I've been through almost two bottles of this! I'm currently using a Simple facial wash, and it's okay, but I much prefer the Clean and Clear. When you use it in the morning, you really feel as if it has woke you up, and I really feel as if my face is clean! My skin usually improves and is really clear when I use it, although a few months ago, I decided to use my Clean and Clear after not using it for a few months, instead of using my normal Simple one, and after I used it my skin went a bit red and it looked as if I was coming out in a rash all over my face! It cleared up after a few hours, but my face was absolutely fine when I used the Clean and Clear again the next day! It's quite cheap to buy, you can get it just about anywhere!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - I only bought this about two weeks ago, but I absolutely love it! It takes all of my make up off, and seems to have cleared up some redness I had around my nose. When I use this, I feel as if my skin is totally clean and free of make up! It's only around £4, and it's a major dupe for Bioderma!


Sally Hansen Diamond Strength - I got this as a birthday present early on in the year, and it's hands down the best base coat I've ever tried! I always put this on before I paint my nails. If my nails are in bad condition, I always apply a coat of this, and it sorts my nails out! This costs around £8 I think, but it's totally worth the money!

Essie Polish - I own quite a lot of Essie polishes, but my most worn polishes are (from left to right) Bikini So Teeny, Lilacism and Mint Candy Apple. I got a lot of Essie polishes for my Christmas, so these three colours have been neglected for a while! I love Essie polish, the brush is just the right size for your nail, and the polish stays for days without chipping! Each bottle costs around £8, which may be a bit pricey for a nail polish, but it's my favourite brand of nail polish!


Hollister Body Sprays - I love these! There is around five or six different scents I think. I own Silver Strand Beach (Yellow) and Crescent Bay (Pink). These are £11, and seem to linger for a long time after you spray them! I keep one in my bag for school, as they aren't as strong as perfume, but they can still act as it, and everyone seems to love the Crescent Bay one, it smells very sweet and  light! I can't really describe what the Silver Strand beach one smells like, but it's so nice!

So those were my 2014 beauty favourites! Again, I'm really sorry for not posting for two weeks, it's because I was taking a small break from blogging after Christmas! But I'll be doing a small post on Sunday to try and make up for it!
I hope you enjoyed! What was your favourite beauty item of 2014?


  1. Love all of these products. I can't believe I haven't tried the Garnier cleansing water, people have been raving about this product in forever, I really am tempted to get myself one. Anddd the Naked3 palette, they have such beautiful colors <3

    thank you for sharing this, love <3


    1. Thank you! I love my Naked 3 palette, it's probably my favourite palette that I own!♡