Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Holographic Nail Polish!

Hello again! I was out shopping again (surprise surprise!) and as I was walking around Urban Outfitters, I remembered Gabby (velvetgh0st) talking about a nail polish she bought from Urban Outfitters in a video.

It's holographic! Okay, I may be a little overexcited, but I've been looking for a nail polish like this for ages! It cost £12, which may be a little pricey, but I didn't hesitate when I was buying it, I just wanted to get home and paint my nails!

This photo doesn't really catch the light well enough to show the holographic design! When I was finished painting the first coat of this on my nails, the polish looked almost completely opaque, but I still applied another coat after it just to make it completely opaque.
I've painted this on my nails last Saturday night, and they didn't start to chip until the Saturday after! All I used was a base coat and two coats of the nail polish, I didn't use a top coat.

I find I'm constantly staring at my nails when they catch the light, and I've also received a lot of compliments from my friends about this nail polish!

In all, I absolutely love this polish and I'm tempted to go back to Urban Outfitters and try more of their nail polishes!


  1. Ohh, it's lovely! It might be quite expensive but it looks fab and really stands out :)

    Corinne x