Wednesday, 27 May 2015

May Favourites 2015

I can't believe it's already May! I know this sounds so cheesy, but I feel as if these past months have went by so fast! I've been doing a lot of shopping and trying out new products recently, so I have been loving quite a few things this month!

I bought one of the Max Factor Creme Puff Blushes just after my birthday and I picked up the shade Lovely Pink, which is a muted pink colour. It looks a bit like the hourglass blushes and they are very long lasting and look very natural on. They also blend very easily and make your skin look so glowy. 

I also have been obsessed with the MAC Mineralised Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle. This highlighter is so beautiful, in the pan and on the cheeks. It adds a really pretty glow to your cheeks and when the sun hits your face, this highlighter looks amazing! It's a shimmery golden colour and has a marbled effect in the pan. It's also very photogenic, I sat for ages dithering over which photos of this to use for this blog post!

For eyes, I've only really been loving one product, and it's the Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara. I tried this last year, and I remembering not really thinking that much of it, as I was obsessed with the Benefit They're Real mascara at the time and didn't think any other mascara could live up to its standards. The Rimmel mascara isn't as good as Benefit's, but it does add lots of length and volume and doesn't fall down under my eyes during the day. It isn't hard to remove and I really love it!

For lip favourites, I have been using mostly these three products every day! First I have the L'Oreal Glamshine Lipgloss in Romy, which I won't go on about, seeing as I've mentioned it in about two other posts, but I love this, it's more of a stain than a gloss is very long lasting, it smells really nice and is a really pretty pink colour. 
I have also been loving my MAC lipstick in Brave. This is also a new purchase for me, and I have been lusting after this lipstick for months! Every time I went to a MAC store, it was always sold out! This lipstick is a pinky brown colour, and it looks a lot like one of the famous Kylie Jenner lipsticks and I've been wearing this so much throughout the month. 
Lastly, I have my YSL Rouge Volupte' Shine in the shade 09. I have wanted a YSL lipstick for months, and I finally bought one after my birthday, and this is probably my favourite make up item that I own. That might be a bit of a statement, but honestly, I am obsessed with this and I have been wearing it a lot over the past month!

For skincare, I've been loving three products in particular. The first one is the Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream. I wear this every night because it's quite a thick moisturiser and it takes a while to sink into my skin. It doesn't feel greasy on my skin at all and it really moisturises my skin and I much prefer this to my Simple one. I got this in a Benefit skincare set for my birthday so this is only a mini pot, and I really don't want to run out of this because the full size of the moisturiser is around £30...

I've also been loving the Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream, which is also a mini from the Benefit skincare set. I use this most nights, and has a really nice cooling effect on my eyes. If my eyes are a bit sore or tired in the morning, I use this and it cools my eyes down and makes me feel much more awake. I occasionally use this in the morning before I apply my make up and it makes everything go on smoother. I'm also dreading finishing this, as I know the full size is expensive!

My last skincare favourite is the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lip Cream. I heard Tanya Burr talking about this quite a lot, and I had been looking for a good lip balm that wouldn't dry out my lips and this seemed to catch my attention. I don't wear this every night, I normally wear it around three times a week before I go to bed and when I wake up the next morning, my lips feel so soft and moisturised! I know this is quite expensive for a lip balm, I think it's around £20, but I think it's completely worth it!
So that was my May Skincare and Beauty Favourites! Right now I'm trying to be really organised and take photos and write blog posts a few weeks in advance, so I'm currently going between writing a haul and a review! 
I've been gaining quite a few followers on Boglovin recently, so I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who reads my blog or followed me, it makes me so happy!
Thank you for reading!


  1. I love Mac Brave, I have two back-ups because it's always sold out lol. I've been meaning to pick the lip cream up, I can't wear things overnight on my lips as I come out in cold sores for some bizarre reason, is it suitable to wear during the day too? Have you tried the YSL Tint-in-Oil? They're so moisturising, have done my lips a world of good and add a hint of colour to the lips :)

    Sarah x

  2. It took me so long to get Brave, it was always sold out at my local Mac store! You could definitely use the Elizabeth Arden lip balm during the day, I don't because I have a very bad habit of licking and biting my lips and wiping off any lip product that I have on, so it would be a waste of product for me! I've heard lots about the YSL Tint in Oil, they look so pretty and I love the colours! I'd love to try them!
    I love your blog!♡

  3. I love that mascara! It's all I've been using for months I just keep purchasing it, it's great. I love the look of that MAC lipstick!

    Harriet Rosie |

    1. I love using drugstore mascaras,I've got my eye on so many right now! The Mac lipstick is so pretty on, I feel like Kylie Jenner haha!♡

  4. Great set of favourites! I need to find a good go to lipstick for everyday. And I need a good lip balm but I think £20 is a little steep although I do struggle with dry lips a lot.

    I need to put together my May favourites!

    Tarnya //

  5. I was thinking the same thing about the Elizabeth Arden cream, I kept wondering if I should ask for it or not, but I decided to just do it, and I'm really happy that I did! There's lots of drugstore ones, I've heard that the Maybelline Baby Lips with the blue packaging is really good?
    I really like your blog!♡