Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Roundup #1 - New Instagram, Being the new Kylie Jenner & Too Faced Palettes

So, I've been thinking about starting a new thing on my blog where one a month I upload a chatty kind of post. I could be talking about anything beauty related, or I could do some sort of a Q & A? Right now I wouldn't get a lot of questions as I don't have that many followers, but if any of you have any questions, then you can leave a comment asking me any sort of question. It can be beauty related, about me, or anything you want! So, I have a few things to chat about, so grab a cup of tea, some biscuits, and get comfy!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Products I Regret Buying // July 2015

I love watching and reading these type of videos and blog posts, I find them really interesting and love seeing what products people are disappointed by. I always thought that I could never do one of these posts, because I didn't think I owned any products that disappointed me or things I regretted buying. But after looking through my make up collection, I've realised that there are quite a few products that I wasn't completely happy with. 

Friday, 3 July 2015

Summer Beauty Wishlist

Hello! So today I thought I would show you what's currently on my little wishlist. I was thinking about doing these seasonally, so I would do one for Summer, one for Autumn, one for Winter, and so on. Obviously I don't plan on buying everything on this wishlist, these are just things I'd love to try and own. I done a beauty wishlist a few months ago,so I thought I would do another one focusing on Summer.