Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Products I Regret Buying // July 2015

I love watching and reading these type of videos and blog posts, I find them really interesting and love seeing what products people are disappointed by. I always thought that I could never do one of these posts, because I didn't think I owned any products that disappointed me or things I regretted buying. But after looking through my make up collection, I've realised that there are quite a few products that I wasn't completely happy with. 

My very first proper branded foundation was the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream. I got this around a year and a half ago when I was shopping with my mum while we were on holiday down in England and I remember thinking five pounds was quite a bit of money to pay for make up. (Oh how I laugh at 13 year old me. Little did she know that a few years later I would happily pay £15 for a lipstick!) I bought what I thought was the shade Light. After I had came home from England, I quickly realised that the BB Cream was actually in the shade 'Universal Glow'. It was orange! This is so orange that I highly doubt I'll ever be able to wear this, and it just sits in my drawer, unused!

When I had just started getting into make up around a year and a half ago, I asked for quite a few make up bits from Superdrug for my Christmas, and one of them was the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. When I was asking my mum to get me it, I was on the Boots website and being me, I decided that I was 'Vanille' which is the second shade in. Keeping in mind that I am really pale, I somehow thought that I would match this foundation perfectly. After I received it, I wore it everyday to school and didn't actually realise until a few months later that the foundation was too dark for me. Now I can only wear this foundation after I come back from a holiday because I'm tanned, which is really annoying. 

Up until just around October last year, I didn't own a bronzer or contour powder of any sort. and I had seen the NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer all over Youtube so I thought I would buy it. This bronzer is waaay to orange for me, I got it in the shade Sunny, which I believe is the palest shade. and it just looks so orange and horrible when I wear it! I think it was only £2.99 or something like that, but I never use this, I use either my Benefit Hoola bronzer or my Sleek bronzer and they work really well on me.

This is yet another 13 year old Robyn purchase. Being a slightly crazy and obsessed One Direction fan, (I still am one, but let's not talk about that...) when MUA released a make up line designed by One Direction, I knew I had to own every piece of make up from the line. One of them was the 'What Makes You Beautiful' Cheek Tints. Mine was in the shade 'Coral Cutie, which is a peachy, coral-y kind of shade. Since I've received it around a year and a half ago, I think I've only used it two or three times. I just much prefer powder blushes, they're much faster and I don't have to spend ages blending it in. I will still try to use it, as I hate buying things and then not using them, so I'll give you an update if I start to use it!

When I was out shopping with my friends last year, I had the sudden urge to buy an eyebrow pencil, which was a pointless purchase, as I don't tend to fill in my eyebrows. I ended up buying the Maybelline Master Shape Eyebrow Pencil. I thought that if I just bought a few products for my eyebrows, they would magically just sort themselves out. Obviously, that wasn't the case and I just ended up trying it out a few times and then just giving up on it. I don't remember not liking the pencil, I think it was just the fact that I needed to get my eyebrows done and I just couldn't fill them in properly. So this is just another product that sits in my drawer gathering dust!

I also received the Maybelline Rocket Mascara around two Christmases ago. I had asked for it as I had heard it was a really good mascara but when my mum was buying it for me, she bought me the waterproof version instead. I really don't like waterproof mascaras, as I find them really hard to take off. I did use it quite a few times, and I remember it being a really good mascara, I was just always put off by the fact that it was waterproof. 

I struggled a little bit with lips, as  didn't think I had any products I was disappointed with or anything I regretted buying, but I eventually found a few things! 
Okay, so here's another cringy One Direction make up purchase. These are the Kiss You Lipsticks, I asked for these for Christmas, and my mum bought me four of them. For me, only one of these lipsticks is a wearable shade for me, and I think it's Niall's one (A darker rosy pink colour). The other three lipsticks aren't really colours I'd tend to wear - a bright orange-red, a pink-y purple and a bright blue toned pink.  I find that these lipsticks have a frost finish which I'm not too keen on and again, aren't really lipsticks I'd reach for on a daily basis. 

I got so excited when Tanya Burr released her line of lipglosses, and bought one as soon as they came out! I bought Afternoon Tea, which one of my friends has, and it looks really nice on her, but when I bought one and put it on, it looked so much different to how it looked on everybody else. My lipgloss was a very pale pink and it was far too pale for me and looked odd whenever I wore it. I think the formula had changed, as it used to be a bit darker, but I can't wear this at all. I'd still love to try out some more shades in the line though, this shade just didn't work for me. 

Lastly, I asked for two of the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers around two Christmases ago. One was in the shade Nova, which is quite bright, but I can still wear, but the one that is featured in this post is Apocaliptic, which is a very bright dark pink colour. I don't think I've ever worn this outside, as I don't really like wearing bold lip colours. I also don't like the way these feel on my lips, they feel very drying and they are quite messy to apply. I don't really understand why I asked for this shade, but I could probably wear it if I was going to a party or something and wanted to do something different with my make up!
So that was all of the beauty products I regret buying! Some of these products were given to me as a present, and a few of them were bought by me. I will still try to use these products, as I hate paying money for something and then not using it! 
I hope you liked this post, feel free to leave a comment telling me a product you were disappointed with or regretted buying!

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  1. I've got a few of the Tanya Burr lip glosses & really like them. I'd definitely recommend trying another shade! x

    Jordan Alice

  2. I'm super pale as well and tend to stick to using the Maybelline Dream BB Cream in the summer when I've got a bit more of a colour to me, but I find it works best if you use a duo fibre brush (think Mac 187) to sheer it out a little - hope that helps!
    Megan x