Sunday, 30 August 2015

My Take on the Kylie Jenner Lip

L-R - MAC Brave and MAC Velvet Teddy
I know the whole Kylie Jenner Lip is getting old, but I've been looking to find some sort of lip product that was similar to that of Kylie Jenner's for ages! After reading so many blog posts, watching so many Kylie Jenner make up tutorials on Youtube and swatching every lip pencil in MAC, I think I've finally found three products that make my lips look somewhat similar to Kylie Jenner. (How many times can I mention Kylie Jenner in one paragraph?)

The first Kylie inspired lipstick is MAC Velvet Teddy. I finally managed to get my hands on this extremely hyped up lipstick, and I'm so happy I got it! It's a browny nude colour and is a matte formula, which I've never tried before, but it feels really nice on my lips and doesn't dry them out at all!

The second lipstick is MAC Brave, and I got this just after my birthday. This is a lot more pink that Velvet Teddy but it's still quite browny toned. It's also a satin formula, so it isn't completely matte. 
I've been loving both of these lipsticks recently and I've been wearing them loads!

I also have a more affordable option, and that's the Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in East End Snob. I usually pair this with Brave, and the lipstick won't budge from my lips! Before I got Brave, I wore this as a substitute as it was sold out in MAC for months. This is slightly darker than Brave but it's unnoticeable when they're both applied to the lips. This is only £3.99 I think, so it's a lot cheaper than the MAC lipsticks, which are both £15.50.

I haven't found any dupes yet for Velvet Teddy though, so if anyone knows one, please leave a comment telling me!

I completely forgot to put this in my last post, but thank you so much for 60 followers on my blog! I also hit 5000 views on my blog, which is quite a big number, it's strange for me to think that so many people have actually looked at my blog! For ages I kept thinking that the views were going up because of me, but that obviously isn't the case!

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