Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Current Non-Beauty Favourites - September 2015

I decided to take a teeny weeny break from all of my beauty related posts, and do a post on my current non-beauty favourites!

For TV shows, I had to add in probably my current favourite show, Pretty Little Liars. If you haven't heard of this or watched it, then where have you been? It's honestly one of the best shows ever, it has such a good plot and I could watch it all over again from season one! I'm not going to go into detail about what it's about, because the majority of you have probably already watched it. Let's not even discuss the season six mid-season finale, let's jut say I was rather annoyed and disappointed at the big -A reveal!
And I couldn't not add in my all-time favourite show, Friends! Everyone and their mother has probably seen this, it's a cult TV show that everyone loves! When I'm bored or having an off day, I usually just put a few episodes of this on and I'm usually laughing away within about five minutes! 
My mum and dad actually bought me the DVD boxset of all ten seasons for my Christmas last year, and I watch this at least once every two or three days, or I start getting withdrawals, I'm not kidding. 

I mentioned in my what's in my carry on bag post that I got an adult colouring book, and I have been obsessed with this since I got it! It honestly helps so much if you're stressed or bored, it just calms you down and is so relaxing. The one I have is quite small, so it's great for travelling, you could easily slip it into your handbag or suitcase. I have been bigger ones, there's one called The Time Garden, which I would also love to get my hands on, as well as other ones. They're all quite affordable, and you can buy mine on Amazon here!

I've also been really into reading on my kindle recently. The Kindle in the photo is actually my mum's, as mine broke on holiday a few weeks ago, so I've had nothing to read over the past few weeks! I just ordered a new one which should be coming in the next few days, so it's all good! I think this is the first version of the Kindle that came out a few years ago, now there's touch screen ones and all sorts. 
This holds a ridiculous amount of books, I think it's around 1,400, and this is also really good for  travelling as it's very slim and weighs almost nothing. I used to take around four or five books on holiday with me, which made my hand luggage very heavy, but now I just buy the books from Amazon and download them to my Kindle (which is a whole lot cheaper!).

It isn't a non-beauty favourites without a mention of food! The packet of biscuits on the right are the new McVities Lemon Cheesecake Digestive Sandwich biscuit 'things' (the biscuits were finished long ago so I no longer have the wrapper). These taste so amazing, and I have a feeling they're limited edition, so I need to stock up, as I've became addicted to these. If you aren't one for unusual flavours, then these might not be for you, but I'll eat any kind of biscuit, strange flavour or not.

I've also been devouring these Mister Choc Choco Chips in Crispy Mint. These were from Lidl I think, my mum found them one day when she was buying cookies from their bakery. (which I highly suggest you also try!) I used to eat these all the time when I was younger and now you can't seem to find them anywhere. So you can imagine I was a very happy girl when my mum came home with these. They're like little pringle-shaped bits of chocolate with little pieces of mint in it. Mint is like my favourite flavour of anything, whether it be ice-cream, sweets or biscuits. (Yes, I've just discovered mint flavoured biscuits!) I could honestly eat these all day and they feel so light that you don't notice how many you've eaten until you put your hand into the packet and discover there's none left, which can be a bad thing...
So those were all of my current non-beauty favourites! I hope you liked this, please tell me if you want me to do more non-beauty related posts! 
Leave a comment telling me your favourite type of biscuits! (Strange thing to ask, but I'm in need of some new biscuits to try.)

Also, I apologise for not posting for two whole weeks! I've been really busy with school, I've had loads of tests and homework recently and haven't had time to type up a post! But I missed blogging so much while I was away, so now I'm back to posting at least once a week!


  1. Great post, I am obsessed with Friends and Pretty Little Liars. Your blog is great! Would you consider checking out mine? xoxo

    1. Thank you! PLL and Friends is my life!♡

  2. Not sure where you live or if you could get hold of them, but Tim Tams are the most amazing biscuits that we have here in Australia! Definitely give them a try if you never have! xx