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The Go-All Out Beauty Gift Guide!

This week, the only posts and videos I've been seeing in my Bloglovin feed and Youtube subscription box have been Christmas gift guides. So, I thought that it was finally acceptable for me to fully embrace my Christmas spirit and start making up my own gift guides! I'm thinking about doing three gift guides; a go-all-out one (which you're reading now), an under £25 one, and a £10 and under one.
All the gifts in this post are under £100, so they're perfect if you want to splurge on a particular person!

Just before I start, just a quick note that I don't actually own any of these products to properly photograph, so you're just going to have to make do with good old Google Images, because I am a 15 year old girl who is already struggling to buy her family Christmas presents and doesn't have any spare money to buy products for my gift guide because I already spent it all on make up (no regrets).

So, Lush. I got far too excited looking for the best gift sets on the Lush website, and these are the three gift sets that I thought were some of the best.

This set is the most expensive item in this gift guide, but when you see ho many products you get inside, I think it's well worth it! There are 20 products inside, all of which are either bath bombs, bath melts or bubble bars. Some products included are Candy Mountain bubble bar, Golden Wonder bath bomb, Twilight bath bomb, The Comforter bubble bar and loads more. 
If you've got a special person who is a huge Lush fan, then this is definitely the gift for them!

This set is full to the brim with pink! All of the products inside are pink, and is perfect for a girly girl. This set contains 13 products, such as Think Pink bath bomb, Bubblegum Lip Scrub, Creamy Candy bubble bar, Pink Fun and loads of other pink-themed goodies.

This is the cheapest of my chosen gift sets, and I am obsessed with every product in this box, so if anyone fancies buying this set, you know who to give it to...
This set contains 6 products, from bath bombs to bubble bars to shower gels. My favourites from this set are Snow Fairy shower gel, Shoot for the Stars bath bomb, Candy Mountain bubble bar and The Comforter.

I don't think I've seen a beauty gift guide so far this year that hasn't got this palette featured in it. Just look at it. Three highlighters, two blushes and a bronzer, all together in a beautiful gold palette. *Breathes heavily*
To be quite honest, it's awful value for money, if you compare the Ambient Lighting Edit to the ones in the regular Ambient Lighting Palette, they look around half the size or maybe even less! 
But if you've got a make up obsessed friend or family member who you're struggling to buy for, then this palette is the way to go!

5. Beauty Blender Makeup's Best Friend Set - £32.00 (Currently on sale for £26!)

Personally, I don't own or have ever used a Beauty Blender. It seems as if everyone and their mum's dog own one, apart from me. I was going to include just a regular Beauty Blender, but I saw this set on Beauty Bay last week and I thought it was a really good set for the price. In it, you get two full sized Beauty Blenders, a Micro Mini Beauty Blender and a cleanser for them. Beauty Blenders are quite expensive, so this set with two full sizes and a mini one seems such a good idea for a present!

There's always a Nars cheek palette released around this time of the year, and I mentioned the Virtual Domination palette in last years gift guide too. This is always an amazing gift for someone who loves beauty. 
This set features Paloma Blush and Paloma II Blush, two limited edition blushes exclusive to the palette, four blushes in Robotic, Blasphemy, Luster and Dolce Vita and Laguna Bronzer. I would love to receive this palette, it's so pretty! This is a bit cheaper than the Hourglass palette, and it does have seven shades, whereas the Hourglass has six.

Charlotte Tilbury has quite a few gift sets out this year, but this one is by far my favourite! There are three mini KI.S.S.I.N.G. lipsticks in the shades So Marilyn, Penelope Pink and Bitch Perfect. I would love to own this set, it's gorgeous and I would definitely recommend picking this up, whether it be a present or sneaky gift to yourself. 

I thought that I would include a Naked palette in my gift guide, as everyone either has at least one or has heard of them. I own the Naked 2 and 3 and I use them all the time! I love my Naked palettes, they're amazing quality and are really pigmented! I think a Naked palette would be a really nice gift for a beauty addict (if they don't already own them!) or someone who is just getting into makeup.

Uuugghhh just look at these brushes. They're just so gorgeous. There's three sets from the rose-golden set, an eye set, a face set and a set of both. I much prefer the set of both, and I would love to own these brushes. This set again, is good for any beauty lover or as a little present to yourself. 

I adore the scent of this perfume! There are other scents in the Chance range, but this one is my favourite, as it smells so nice! I don't have a clue about notes and scents and all that stuff, but I do know that it smells amazing, so I would really recommend this as a really luxurious gift for someone. I would love to own this perfume, it isn't on my Christmas list as it is rather pricy (and I already have a Christmas list a mile long), but I might buy it in the sales after Christmas.

There's so many things from Charlotte Tilbury that I would love to try, this palette being one of them. The one in the picture is The Vintage Vamp, but I think all of the eyeshadow quads are beautiful, no matter what shade you buy. Charlotte Tilbury is such a luxurious, expensive brand with gorgeous rose gold packaging and it's a really good present for any beauty lover.

I've actually put this on my Christmas list this year, I think they just look so cool! My friend has one and I always feel slightly envious whenever she uses it. The film can be quite expensive though, so I would recommend looking for it on either amazon or eBay. I would love to receive one of these for Christmas this year, so I can take all sorts of cute tumblr-esque photos!

I hope you liked the gifts in this gift guide! I'm planning on doing another two, so if any of you have ideas about what to put in them, them please leave a comment down below and I'll include them!

Also - I plan on posting at least twice a week in December (a Wednesday and a Sunday)  so I can upload more Christmas themed posts and just be more active and post more for you all! I know it's not as impressive as some people who do blog posts everyday or do Vlogmas, but I do go to school and stuff and I have my exams soon, so I don't think I would be able to manage posting every single day!
Anyway, thank you for reading and I'll talk to you soon!

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