Sunday, 15 November 2015

US Beauty Wishlist

Like every other make up-obsessed girl living in the UK, I dream of going to the Motherland (aka Sephora) and buying every piece of makeup in sight. 
I'm going to confess something - Sometimes I like to sit for hours and put things into my basket on the Sephora website, and then reach that sad moment where I have click off of the website and continue on with my day. 

So, this is just a quick post showing a few (!) of the beauty bits that I would love to buy if I were to go to the US one day:

3. NYX Butter Glosses - $4.99

8. NYX Blushes - $4.99

9. Lorac Pro Palette - $42.00

So that is currently (Big emphasis on 'currently') everything on my US Beauty Wishlist! I'm not going to lie, making this list made me a little sad. The Lorac Pro Palette is practically screaming for me! But Sephora do ship to the UK, so there's always hope...

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1 comment:

  1. Literally want everything!
    Jabeen x