Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Current Weekend Makeup Routine

I can't remember the last time I done a makeup routine, I think it was in the April or May, and my makeup routine has changed a lot since then, so I thought I would show you. 
I put 'weekend' in the title as I only wear this kind of look during the weekend, I don't wear this much makeup to school , as I am extremely lazy and tired and I would much rather spend an extra 20 minutes in bed and then rushing to slap on some makeup rather than spending ages putting loads of makeup on.

For my base, I'm still using my L'Oreal True Match Foundation. This just does everything I want a foundation to do; it blends easily, has really good coverage and lasts all day. My shade is C1 I think (the lightest shade in the range - no surprise there) and it matches me so well.

I'm trying out a new concealer, as my Collection one ran out and I really wanted to try something new. This is the Seventeen Stay Time Concealer, and to be honest, I don't think I'm going to repurchase it. I got it in the shade Extra Fair, and I've realised that if it just doesn't cover up well! I'm having to put on at least three or four layers until I'm satisfied with the result, and it doesn't seem to have good lasting power. Although, I am determined to finish it, as I hate buying things and then not using them. 

For powder, I'm still using my good old Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. As you can see, I've hit pan on what I think is my fourth one? Any suggestions for a new drugstore powder would be appreciated!

For cheeks, I've been dipping into my Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Palette - A limited edition Christmas palette from last year, sorry! I always use the Hoola Bronzer from this set to slightly contour my cheeks, I don't tend to bronze up my skin with this as to be honest, I really have no clue on how to properly put bronzer on without looking like an oompa loompa. 

I've also been using my Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in the shade 'Seductive Pink'. This is a darker pink colour that has almost no shimmer and looks so autumnal to me (is it still Autumn?) 
If I don't use that blush, then I'll use the Benefit Sugarbomb Blush which is a lighter pink, and just looks so pretty on.

For highlighter, I'm still using my MAC Mineralised Skin Finish in 'Soft and Gentle'. Who doesn't own this? I always feel like a glowy goddess when I wear this! It just adds a gorgeous glow across my cheeks, and I always do the whole 'point your face towards the sun so the light hits it and your face practically lights up' thing. 

I bought another Maybelline Colour Tattoo a few weeks ago in the shade 'On and On Bronze'. This, as you would imagine, is a dark bronzy colour that can is quite sheer but can be built up to be really opaque. I normally apply this all over the lid and then add some of the Natural Collection eyeshadow in 'Milk Chocolate' to add some definition and blend out the cream shadow that I just used.  I then blend a little bit of Milk Chocolate underneath my eyes, as I've been loving doing that recently. 

I then spend approximately 15 minutes trying to draw a somewhat thin line of the Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner Pen on my lashline. I don't even attempt a wing anymore as I always know it's going to look as if a five year old's been drawing on my face. 

I then curl my lashes and add several coats of the Maybelline Rocket Mascara, which I have done a review of, which you can read here. But in summary, I absolutely love this mascara, I think it's one of the best drugstore mascaras I've tried!

Lastly, I brush the Maybelline Brow Drama through my brows, because I still have no clue on how to fill them in so I just use this because I like to think it makes a huge difference to my eyebrows. In reality, I think the products dried up and I'm just pretending that it does something...

Lastly, for lips, I've only been using one lipstick, and that's MAC Velvet Teddy
I know, I know, who else is fed up of hearing people talk about this? I know I am, but I got this a few months ago and just became obsessed with it. It's a matte, brown-y colour and feels so creamy and nice on my lips. I think someone should just take this lipstick away from me, I've been wearing it every single weekend and to school and I really just need to start using different lipsticks and lip products now because my poor other lippies are getting neglected.
(I'm only joking, please don't take away my beloved Velvet Teddy, I might cry).

I hope you liked this post! Feel free to leave a comment telling me a staple product in your everyday routine!
I'm also uploading my next gift guide on Sunday, please leave any suggestions for beauty gift ideas for £25 and under, any ideas would be much appreciated!

Thank you for reading and I'll see you soon! 

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  1. I thought it was just me who does this! I also wear more make up on the weekend as I only spend about 5 mins in the morning for work and that's only foundation, powder, blush, eyeliner, mascara, brow gel and lip balm as I go for a natural look because don't want to draw attention to myself - plus I'm slightly self conscious as people will comment "oh where are you going? "

    Leanne |

    1. Haha I'm the same! I hate wearing loads of makeup during the week as I feel really self conscious! Plus, to be quite honest I can never be bothered to take makeup off when I get home from school, so I do myself a favour by wearing the minimal amount!
      I love your blog! x

  2. The Rimmel Stay Matte! Oldie but goodie, I still sell the hell out of that where I work if someone doesn't want to purchase a pricier powder. I've been liking my Aveda loose mineral powder lately, definitely worth checking out. It gives almost an airbrushed finish ontop of concealer if you bake it, love!

    And I have the same Benefit blush set! Debated picking up another one this year but I still have most of all of them! Beautiful blushes. Cute post, I followed your blog, cant wait to see more :)


    1. I'll have to try that out, I've been repurchasing the Rimmel powder for about two years and I'm starting to get a bit fed up with it!
      Thank yoouuuu for following, I love your blog too! x