Thursday, 28 January 2016

January Favourites 2015

It's almost February! Where has this month went? To be completely honest, 90% of this month has been spent studying, but I do have a few favourites to show you this month that aren't pencils or highlighters (and not the makeup kind!). So, I'll get started!

The first beauty product I've been loving is the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. I use the shade NC15, the lightest shade, and it's a perfect match for my skin tone! It lasts all day and it's really high-coverage, so I mostly use it under my eyes and on any redness or spots I may have (At the moment I have more than I'd like to mention due to stress, thank you prelim exams). I don't use it everyday though, as I'm a bit terrified it's going to run out, as quite a lot of product is dispensed when you pump out the concealer. 
Another product I'm using loads is the Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in Seductive Pink. This is a darker pink, with the tiniest hint of shimmer. It looks so pretty on, and I've been using this so much in the past few weeks. 

My favourite beauty product from this month is definitely the Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Palette. I received  this eyeshadow palette for Christmas, and at the weekend, when I'm about to do my eyeshadow, I just seem to automatically reach for this. I know I'll get use out of every shade in this palette, and it's an incredible dupe for the Lorac Pro Palette, which I've been aching to own for months. It lasts all day, it's so easy to blend and I love it!

And for lips, it's been all about the nudes this month! I've been using my Soap and Glory Sexy Motherpucker Gloss Stick in Nudist. I got this about a year ago and it's looking a bit worse for wear now, as it's been inside handbags, suitcases and all sorts, but this is my favourite nude and I'm always wearing it. My one is almost finished, which is both quite upsetting and satisfying!
I've also been wearing the L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in JLo's Nude. This is a really pretty pink-nude shade, and it looks so nice on! I've been wearing both of these lip colours recently and I've been loving them!

As for Non Beauty items, I've got quite a few to talk about. First is a book featured in my last post, and it's Lisa Eldridge's book, Face Paint. I won't go on about it to much, but in the book, Lisa talks about the history of makeup, and how makeup and beauty has progressed over the years. I love to sit and flick through this book, and read about different beauty techniques and makeup routines of women from hundreds of years ago. 
I think my favourite favourite (Yes, there is meant to be two favourites in that sentence) of this month is definitely Once Upon A Time. Oh. My. I am obsessed with this! It's about Emma, a twenty-something woman who finds her son who she put up for adoption 10 years ago on her doorstep. When she takes him back to Storybrooke, where he lives, she finds that everyone there has strange links to fairytale characters. 
I know that was an awful description, but please watch this show, it's so good and it's one of those shows where you go "I'll just watch one" and then before you know it you're on to the next season. I'm currently halfway through season 3 (no spoilers please!) and I am literally obsessed. Finish reading this post, then go onto Netflix (or a dodgy website if you don't have Netflix) and just binge watch it, it's so worth it.

I've also been obsessed with two CDs recently; Taylor Swift's 1989 and One Direction's Made in the AM. Yes, I'm aware that Taylor's album came out over a year ago, and I did buy it soon after it came out, but recently it's been one of the only CDs I've been listening to recently. It's one of those albums where I love every single song and know every word to them! My favourites are Wildest Dreams, Style, Bad Blood and I Wish You Would.
I've also been loving One Direction's new album, Made in the AM. I think this is my favourite album that they've made. I love the songs, my current favourites are Olivia, Temporary Fix and History. I think my new favourite hobby is blasting to this album on headphones and lip singing along while dancing around my room as though I were on Britain's Got Talent. I'm not even kidding. 
I'm trying to not think about this whole hiatus thing they're doing right now, but it's just so hard when you're being bombarded with photos of Louis' new baby (Which can I say, is the most adorable little lump of cuteness I've ever seen) as soon as you go on Twitter and you're completely unprepared for this sort of emergency but you're trying not to scream hysterically because you're currently in school. Totally wasn't my situation. 

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