Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Valentine's Day for One, Please.

In case you haven't noticed the fluffy teddy bears and rows upon rows of boxes of chocolate stocked in every shop you seem to walk into, it's Valentine's Day this week. If, like me, you are as single as a pringle (sorry, couldn't think of a better simile), then this post is aimed at you. 
So what do you do on a day created for couples to be all lovey-dovey when you're all alone? 
Have a huge pamper evening, that's what.

Step 1 (and probably the most important step) is running yourself a huge, bubble bath. I'm using the Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar for heaps of bubbles, and the Lush Lover Lamp bath bomb, which both smell so nice and sweet. These are both part of the Lush Valentine's Day range, which you'll see mentioned several times in this post. I promise I'm not sponsored, I just have a small obsession with Lush.
I also love the Lush Prince Charming Shower Gel, which is from last years Valentine's Day range. It's almost finished, I've been rationing it over the past year and it's looking a bit grubby now, so I think I'll pick a new one up the next time I'm near a Lush store. 
Face masks are an essential in my pamper routine, the one in the photo is the Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask, which is actually empty, the one I'm currently using is the Lush Mask of Magnaminty which is amazing. 
While your at it, why not rub on some body scrub? I love how soft my legs feel after using a scrub, and after I use it I always wonder why I don't use it more often (FYI - the only reason why is because I'm just far too lazy). The one I'm using just now is the Soap and Glory The Scrub of Your Life, which smells really good and gets rid of all of the dry flaky skin.
After that bath, slather on some body butter, my favourite is the Soap and Glory Righteous Butter, and if you're feeling extra pamper-y, then go ahead and use a foot cream, the one I have is the Soap and Glory Heel Genius

How do you add to this perfect element of pamper? Light some candles. The one on the left is the Primark Vanilla and Coconut candle, which smells really nice, and was something ridiculously cheap like £1. The one on the right is the Urban Outfitters Rose Water Candle, which smells of roses (as you would expect) but it's not really heavy or over scented like some rose-scented things are. This candle isn't actually mine, it's my mum's but I thought it looked really pretty and suited the pink theme for the photos (#boggerproblems)
So, you're in the bath, almost suffocating by the amount of bubbles around you, your legs are feeling as smooth as butter (Another poor choice of simile, I really need to up my game.), and your bathroom is smelling amazing. How are you going to spend this time? Reading, watching something on Netflix? My current choice is Once Upon A Time, which I raved about in my January Favourites, and I end up sitting in a cold, bubble-less bath after about two hours of sitting and watching one too many episodes of this. 

When I'm out of the bath, I love to paint my nails while watching a movie. I decided to go with a pink theme with the nail polishes, so going from top to bottom, the shades are Fiji, Watermelon, Sparkle on Top, Lovie Dovie and A Cut Above, all by Essie
For movies, you can go down a few different roads. There's the traditional romance films, the one I'm featuring in this post is The Fault in Our Stars, which never ceases to make me cry a small ocean. I've watched this film countless times, and I can guarantee that every time I'm crying less than halfway through.
Another road to go down is the funny, sometimes slightly romantic films. One of my all-time favourite movies is Bridesmaids, which is absolutely hilarious. I'm not going to spend ages talking about the plot, as I'll end up rambling and boring you all, but please to watch this, I promise you'll thank me after!
The last route (and probably my favourite one) is a good old Disney movie. The one in the photo is Sleeping Beauty, which is my favourite Disney movie, and possibly my favourite all-time movie. I also love Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast Alice in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid and Tangled. I could happily watch no other type of movie apart from Disney movies for the rest of my life.

Ah. Chocolate. What's Valentine's Day without some sort of chocolate? I raided my downstairs cupboard for these sweets, and now typing this post I'm really wanting to go downstairs and eat that little bar of Mint Dairy Milk...
If you aren't a chocolate person (are those kinds of people real?), then Harbio are a great option, but beware, if you only mean to 'eat a few', that 'few' turns into quite a lot and a while later you end up going to grab some from the packet and coming back out with an empty hand. 

I hope you liked this post! I tried to incorporate my usual pamper routine into a Valentine's Day pamper evening, so I hope it was somewhat helpful or interesting, or even funny (most likely not).

How will you spend your Valentine's Day?

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