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Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette Review // The Ultimate Drugstore Contour Palette?

Hello! I had mentioned in my last post that I was going to do a review on the Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette, so I decided I would do that this week. 
I adore Makeup Revolution products, they're so affordable but produce such high quality makeup.They also do amazing dupes for high-end makeup, such as the Naked Palettes, the Too Faced Sweetheart Blushes, and the Lorac Pro Palettes. I've got a list a mile long of products I'd love to try from them, and this contour had been on it for months, until I finally got my hands on it.

Just before I start: no, this post is not sponsored and nothing was sent to me, this palette was bought with my own money and I just have a lot of love for Makeup Revolution products!

And a last note: Yes I understand that the swatch photos are probably one of the worst swatch photos you've ever seen, but I just happen to have really pale pasty skin which you can't see some of the powders on.

I bought this palette in Superdrug after it was finally in stock after being completely sold out on MR and Superdrug websites and in store for months. It costs £8.00, which I think is amazing for the amount of product you get. 
You get 3 contour/bronzer shades, and 5 highlight shades. This palette is also available in cream form, but I'm more of a powder gal so I opted for the powder version. 

I think this palette is an amazing dupe for loads of the contour palettes that are available, such as the Anastasia one, the NYX one, and even the Kat Von D one. So if you don't fancy spending £20+ on a contour palette if you're just starting out with makeup, or you're just getting into contouring, then this might be right up your street. 

As I said, there are 3 contour or bronzer shades, and 5 highlighters. The powders don't have names, so I'll just mention them going from left to right, starting with the top row.

Shade One - A matte, slightly pink-toned shade. You could use this as a really natural highlight on the tops of your cheeks or maybe on your forehead or nose. I have yet to give this shade a proper go, I've tried it under my eyes mixed with the yellow shade, and it looked okay, but I'm sure I'll have a proper use for this soon!

Shade 2 - Your typical banana powder, this shade is a pale yellow and is meant to be used to brighten in places like your forehead, under eye area and chin. To be honest, I'm a bit terrified to use a yellow powder, so I mix this with my regular Rimmel powder and put it under my eyes and it works quite well!

Shade 3 - This is a gorgeous, champagne-toned highlighter. It has shimmer in it, but now too much, and looks so pretty on the tops of your cheeks. I've been wearing this loads recently and it's one of my favourite powders in the palette. 

Shade 4 - This is one of powders I'm not too keen on. In person, this highlighter looks beautiful, it's baked with blue and gold swirls through it, but when you swatch it or apply it to your face, it's just huge chunks of glitter.I've also found to get the most pigmentation, you have to use your finger, as I find it doesn't pick up at all on a brush. There isn't much pigmentation, just a whole lotta glitter, which I really don't like on my face. If I was going out at night to a party or something (pahaha, cause I've got such an exciting social life), then this might work as a highlight, but for now, I won't be wearing it much.

I took the highligher swatches both with and without a flash because you can;t really see them in natural light because I'm too pale...

Shade 5 - This is a baked, darker, bronzy highlight which I haven't got much wear out of yet. I could probably get away with using it by mixing it with another highlight, but I don't think it would work on me on its own. It does pick up much better on a brush than the paler highlight above it, and it does have glitter in it, but not so much that you look like a bronze-y glitterball. 

Shade 6 - The darkest of the three contour powders. This is the shade in the palette that I'd probably get the least use out of, as it is quite a bit darker than I'm used to using for contouring. I could use it possibly as a bronzer or something or mix it with other things to get some use out of it. All of the contour powders are really good, they're really pigmented and blend out really nicely.

Shade 7 - By far my most used shade in the palette. This is my perfect contour shade, it's quite cool-toned and just works so well with my pasty white skin tone. I've been using this to contour my cheeks constantly since I got it and I love it!

Shade 8 - This is similar to shade 7, but it's a tiny bit darker and a bit more warm-toned. I can get away with using this to contour, but it does look more dramatic and takes a bit more blending so I don't look like I've rubbed mud on my cheeks. I've tried mixing this and shade 7 together, and it worked really well, so I'll get quite a lot of use out of this shade too.

I love this palette, I've been reaching for it loads since I got it. Most of the powders are incredibly soft and blend so easily, and last all day, with the exception of the highlight in the top right hand corner which transforms you into a glitterball. (But hey, at least you'll be a glitterball with great cheekbones)
I would recommend this palette for everyone, as the palette has shades that would suit darker skin as well as really pale skin 
I think Makeup Revolution have done really well on this palette and I'm dying to try more from them!
Feel free to leave any suggestions of MR products you think I should try below! 

Thank you for reading!

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