Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Products I Regret Buying // Disappointing Products - March 2016

Hello! I done a products I regret buying/disappointing products post last year, but since then, I've went through my makeup collection and found a few more products that I feel disappointed by or regret buying. 
Just because I'm not too keen on these products, it doesn't mean they can't work on you, but if you think I'm using any of these products wrong, please tell me how I should be using them!

The first product I was disappointed with is the Seventeen Stay Time Concealer. I have this in the lightest shade, which I think is Extra Fair, and I've mentioned how I don't like this concealer in a few posts. Loads of Youtubers and bloggers had raved that this concealer was really high coverage, and lasted all day, and I had just finished my Collection concealer and decided to try it. This concealer covers nothing. It's got such bad coverage that when you apply it with the applicator under your eyes, you can still see your dark circles without even blending it out. I find I'm using at least 3 or 4 layers of this to try and cover something up, and even then I'm not satisfied with the result. The only things I do like about this concealer is that it feels really light on your face, and if you're looking for really light coverage and if you have good skin (I envy you), then you might like this, but for someone like me, who can be prone to spots, then I don't think it'll work for you. Right now I'm trying to use it up to go back to using my trusty Collection concealer.

Another product I regret buying is the Collection Work the Brow Palette.This palette has been sitting in my drawer hardly touched because none of the shades suit my eyebrows at all. There's a black shade, a mid-toned brown and an ashy-blonde shade. It also came with a little angled eyebrow brush, which is long gone, and a little clear brow gel which I really liked. I always try to use the brown shade in my eyebrows, and it just looks really odd as the shade doesn't match my brows at all. I don't really think there's much fault in the palette, the only thing is that the shades wouldn't suit anyone, but since I bought this, I think Collection have came out with versions of this palette for blondes, brunettes, and many other shades, so they're maybe worth trying. But for now I'll just stick to using my Makeup Revolution Brow Arch and my Maybelline Brow Drama

Also, the NYC Mosaic Face Powder Blush is another product I regret buying. To be honest, I could probably count one one hand the amount of times I've used this. I bought it around a year and a half ago when the only other blush I had was a freebie in a magazine which strange white bumps in it. (Gotta love freebies, right?) A few weeks after I got it, I got my Benefit blush palette and this got cast to the side and it just sits in my drawer at the back, unused. I really go want to try and use it but I always just find myself reaching for other things that I know suit me well, but I will try and use it and I'll report back if I like it!

These products are the ones I was really disappointed by, and hardly ever use nowadays. The first product is the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream. I got this in the lightest shade (naturally) and I wore it loads, until I realised that it was far too dark for me. I always get some wear out of it on holiday, and after my holidays, when I have a tan. But if I was to wear it any other time, it goes completely orange and I can't wear it. But I'm going to try and use it more now that I have the Body Shop Lightening Drops.

Next up is the Maybelline Baby Skin Primer. This is the original one that came out first, and I dislike this primer so strongly that I've been put off trying the other primers in the range. I've actually used up most f the product, because it took me a while to realise that this primer was doing absolutely nothing. If you were to swatch it, the product is clear and feels really silicone-y, and I hated the way it feels on my face, it feels like I'm wearing a rubber mask. I also realised that whenever I wore this under makeup, it seemed to make my makeup slip right off of my face, and my makeup was completely gone within a few hours.

The next product is the Benefit Bad Gal Mascara, which straight up is the worst mascara I've ever tried. It does nothing to my lashes. If I was to apply this, my eyelashes look almost exactly as they did before! It has really bad fallout too, I could go school with this on, and come home and I resemble a spotty oily panda (which really is not the look I'm going for). This is the product I think I was the most disappointed by in this post, and it's something I think you should definitely not waste your money on!

Next is the Benefit Rollerlash Mascara. I'm realising that I don't appear to be a huge fan of Benefit mascaras. That isn't the case, I'm really liking the Benefit They're Real at the moment, but I was really disappointed by Rollerlash. And before any of you say anything, yes, I am aware I done a glowing review of this last year when everyone and their mother got the sample from Elle Magazine, but I think I posted the review far too quickly for me to fully test it out. A few weeks after I posted the review, the mascara started to hurt my eyes whenever I wore it. I could apply this then half an hour later my eyes would be watery and stingy, which I'm assuming is an allergic reaction. I thought it might just be the sample, but when I tried my friend's full size, it has the same effect. It's such a shame because that mascara was so good and my lashes looked amazing when I used it.

Lastly, my final product that disappointed me was the Soap and Glory Glad Hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner. I purchased the mini sizes of these in October before I went away on a school trip for a few days. After I used this a few times, I felt that although the product smelled really nice and sweet, it was far too strong for a shampoo or conditioner. I also felt that it was far too heavy on my hair, and my hair felt weighed down and it didn't feel as though my hair was clean when I used them. I never used them after that school trip, and my mum felt the same about them when she tried them. My hair is really thick and long, so it might work for people who have a different type of hair. But I will definitely not be repurchasing it. 
I hope you liked seeing all of the products I was disappointed by and regretted buying! These types of videos and posts are my guilty pleasure, I could spend hours watching them! 
Thank you for reading, and I'll see you soon!

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  1. Ooh I was so close to purchasing roller lash last night, so glad I didn't after your review! I find posts like this incredibly useful as everyone is always gushing about everything!

    Musings & More

    1. Thank you! I loved Rollerlash, and I liked it so much that I would wear it everyday even though I knew my eyes would hurt later on! Beauty is pain!
      And I love these posts too, I could sit and read them for hours! x

  2. I love reading these kind of posts! Saves me from wasting my money. I really wanted to try out the maybelline primer but don't think I will bother now doesn't sound great ha.

    Keep it up :)

    Sammii Ox

    1. Thank you!! I've heard the other Maybelline baby skin primers are quite good, so they might work a lot better!
      I love your username haha! x

  3. Great tips - will definitely be avoiding these! it's a shame about the Rollerlash mascara!

    1. Thanks! I was so annoyed about Rollerlash - it's probably one of the best mascaras I've ever used, but it hurt my eyes so much that it wasn't worth it! x