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Top Backgrounds and Props for Beauty Bloggers

Hello! I thought I would try a different type of post this week! 
I think photos are probably the most important part of a blog post, it's the thing that pulls people in and makes them want to read your blog, Of course your content and your words are important too, but I think photos are one of the reasons someone might be drawn to start reading your blog.

Of course, I'm no expert on taking photos. I take my blog photos on my iPhone! I have no clue how to work the proper settings on an iPhone, I just tap the screen to focus it, and then snap away before editing them. 
But I do think that I've really improved in making my photos look far more interesting and eye-catching, by adding in little props and using different backgrounds. 
So I thought I would show you a few of the things I like to use to make my photos look more interesting, and it may give you ideas for your blog photos!


I have three main backgrounds that I like to use. The first is this wooden, chipped, off-pink trunk, which I was given by my aunty. I've used this for ages and I really like it for blog photos, as I think it looks really pretty and slightly vintage. Any surface would work for blog photos, even a pretty tile or marble design in your bathroom or kitchen!

Another great background idea is just popping along to your local craft shop/DIY shop and picking up some wallpaper samples. I got this this little dotty one from B&Q, and it was completely free! If you were to go to a craft shop and pick up some scrapbook paper it would cost you a few pounds, but I think wallpaper samples is the way to go, as they can look really pretty but don't take attention away from the main products in the photos. 

Lastly, my favourite background to use is this rug, which is called Tejn and is from Ikea (here). This is a really popular background from bloggers to use in their photos, and I really like using it because it makes my photos look much brighter and more girly. It also makes your room look 10x prettier, which is an added bonus. You could use any fabric or rug really, for a while I used my duvet as a background and that worked fine! This rug is £10, and if you don't want to spend £10 on a rug for the purpose of taking photos, then you could probably buy scraps of fabric like this from craft shops like HobbyCraft. 

Those are my favourite backgrounds to use for blog photos, so now I'm going to talk more about the props I like to use in my blog photos. 
And as you'll see, I like to use the same style of props in most of my blog posts, sorry!


Beauty Products

Okay, for a beauty blogger, this is an obvious choice. I like to feature makeup as a prop in blog photos that have really pretty packaging, or suit the colour theme that I'm going for in my photos. (Don't I sound fancy?)
My favourite makeup picks for props (Try saying that five times fast) are MAC lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes and blushes and highlighters. I also like using things like bath bombs, body products, and skincare items. 

Makeup Brushes/Tools

Another obvious choice for a beauty blogger. I again, like to use brushes that are pretty to look at. I use the Real Techniques Sculpting Set a lot in my posts, as they're pink and look pretty in photos. As well as brushes, I like to use beauty tools, such as eyelash curlers, cotton buds (or Q-Tips if you're a wannabe American), or cotton pads

Apologies for the awful photo quality... it went all grainy when I put the photo onto my laptop!
Books & Magazines

Books are a favourite prop of mine, I use them in almost every post! My favourites to use are the Sprinkle of Glitter Diary, The Glam Guide by Fleur de Force, It by Alexa Chung, Love, Tanya by Tanya Burr, and Face Paint by Lisa Eldridge. I tend to use books which look really pretty an suit the theme of my photos. For example, I like my photos to look really pretty and girly, so I choose books which reflect this.
As well as books, I like to use magazines. I like to use Elle, Glamour and Teen Vogue. I mostly just use magazine that I buy, as I'm too poor to buy Vogue.

Photos & Postcards

Since Christmas, I've been featuring my polaroid camera in a lot of my posts, as I think it looks really nice and fills up a lot of space. I also think polaroid photos look really nice in photos. 
I also recently bought some cute postcards from Paperchase. Little prints like these look so pretty in photos, and I think they were around 70p each. You can probably buy little things like this in block on Amazon and Ebay for much cheaper, but I saw these and decided to get them right then and there. 


I love using perfume bottles in my photos! My favourite ones to use in posts is the Ariana Grande Perfume and the Vera Wang Princess Perfume. They usually make blog photos look really bright and girly, which is the look I usually go for!

Jewellery & Candles

Jewellery also looks really nice in photos. I really like the look of dainty rings and necklaces, which I'm really lacking in, as I'm not a big jewellery wearer. Watches can also look really pretty too, the one I sometimes used in my photos is from New Look and I think looks much more expensive than it is!
I also like using candles, the candles I usually use are from either Yankee Candle or Primark, however the one of the bottom left is from Ikea (aka: my second home).

Nail Polish & Confetti

I like using nail polish in loads of my pictures, and as you may or may not be able to tell, my favourite brand to use is Essie. I think Essie bottles just look so good in photos, they look so cute a girly! 
I also love using table confetti in photos, as it fills up lots of space and makes photos look more busy and interesting. This rose gold heart confetti is from Tesco and cost £1.50 or something like that!

Ikea Everything!

To be honest, my whole room could be an Ikea advert. I recently went on a little rather large Ikea spree and I picked up some bits that I thought would look really nice in blog posts. My favourite Ikea picks are the Mini Skeurar Pot, Skurar Mini Candle Dish, Skurar Large Candle Dish and the Skurar Plant Pot. I love the Skurar range, (if you can't already tell) it looks so pretty and is really photogenic.

I also think fake flowers look really pretty, the ones I have are the Ikea Smycka Artificial Flowers. I haven't really featured them in a post yet, but I hope to in the future. 

I hoped to liked this post! Sorry if it was a bit long and rambly, but I hope it was helpful in some way! 
Thank you for reading!

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