Wednesday, 4 May 2016

What I Got For My Birthday 2016!

Hello! I done a post like this last year, and I thought that I would do it again this year!
I turned 16 on the 22nd April, and I was very spoiled by my friends and family! I'm also going to London for my birthday, so I did mostly get money instead of presents, but I did get a few really special bits!

Boring disclaimer: I'm sorry if I come across as bragging or boasting, that's not what I mean to do, I love reading these types of posts and I thought I would do one!

I'm going to start now, because I can 100% guarantee I'm going to ramble!

My mum and dad bought me a new bottle of the One Direction Our Moment Perfume, as I'd ran out of it and I love the scent of it. I don't really like their other perfumes, but this one smells really nice! This is my third bottle, which shows you just how much I love it!

My friend very kindly got me the Makeup Revolution Affirmation Palette, which I love. I'm obsessed with Makeup Revolution! The shadows in this are so pigmented, and there's a really good mix of mattes and shimmers. I haven't really tried this out yet, I've only swatched some of the shades on the back of my hand, but I'll let you know how I feel about it soon!

My mum also bought me the L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara, which I've wanted for ages. I think this mascara is amazing, it gives volume, length, and stays all day. The brush is also really small and thin, which makes it much easier to apply without getting it all over my eyelids and under eyes!

My mum also gave me the Makeup Revolution Pro F103 Stippling Brush, which I've had on my wishlist for ages! I've wanted a brush like this for months, ever since I saw Fleur de Force using a Sephora one similar to this in almost all of her videos. This brush is ridiculously cheap, it's around £3.50, which is amazing for a brush that is really high quality. This brush is not rough, jaggy, and doesn't shed, like some brushes at the same price may be. I've been using this brush a lot since I got it to blend in my foundation and I really love it!

Onto nails: another friend gave me this little set of nail polishes, which I think is from H&M. The first shade is a really pale pink, and the second is a rose-gold, glitter shade. I'll get loads of wear out of these two as I love wearing colours like that on my nails. 
My mum also got me the Essie Lilacism polish, which I haven't used in over a year as it ran out and I just never got around to wearing. This and Mint Candy Apple are my two favourite nail polish shades ever, and I wear them all the time. Lilacism is a pale, pastel lilac shade without any shimmer or glitter through it. It's not too bright, and is perfect for this time of year.

Onto bath products! With the amount of bath stuff I got this year, you'd think people were trying to drop hints to me...
My friend gave me two really cute bath bombs, which might be from Bomb Cosmetics, but I'm not too sure, and this really pretty bar of soap (on the far right) that looks like a slice of cake. These smell so nice and I can't wait to use the bath bombs, because I haven't tried any other bath bombs apart from Lush ones!
The friend who got me the Makeup Revolution palette also got me Happy Hippy Shower Gel from Lush, which I love. This is the 250g bottle, which is really big! I adore the scent of this, it's not as sweet and sickly as some of Lush's other scents. This smells really fruity and fresh and amazing, and I suggest that you run to your nearest Lush store and smell this when you're done reading this post, and I can guarantee you won't regret it.

For Lush, I'm just going to say the names of the bath bits, as I can't remember who got me what. I received a lot of Lush goodness: two Think Pink Bath Bombs, Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb, Creamy Candy Bubble Bar, Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar, and Big Bang Bubble Bar.
I think I'm okay for bath products for a while! Please restrain me from walking into Lush for the next few months, but my Lush drawer is now full and it's getting difficult to close it!

My mum gave me The Disney Book, which is another thing that was on my wishlist. I saw this on Amazon and Tesco, and it's all about the history of Disney, and how their movies were made and things like that. It's a really interesting book, and I'm really excited to start reading it!

And my two friends bought me The Enchanted Forest colouring book, which they knew I had wanted for ages. This is full of really intricate, beautiful drawings, and it looks so pretty! These colouring books are really popular just now, and they really help to make you feel calm and less stressed, which is definitely what I need right now!

My mum also got me these really cute tiny pencils from Paperchase, which I was aw-ing over for ages. They're so tiny! Okay, I may have some trouble holding them and actually using them, but that's okay because they're so cute! (Did I mention how cute they are?)

My mum also got me this One Line A Day Diary and the Now That's What I Call Disney CD. I've been wanting the One Line A Day Diary for a while now, as I think it's so cute to record little snippets of your day and then read them ages later. This one lasts for five years, so I can write something in it today, and then this time next year, I can see what I was doing that day. (Does that make sense? Probably not.)
The Disney CD was another thing on my wishlist. We all know I have a teeny weeny obsession with Disney, so I felt that this CD was perfect for me. It comes with 3 CDs full of classic Disney songs, and then an extra CD of Christmas songs! It's honestly all I've listened to since I got it, I'm obsessed. Normal music? The charts? What are they? Totally not my situation right now.

Onto food bits. (the best presents tbh) My friend bought me a mini Victoria Sponge cake, which is my favourite kind of cake. (*cough* just saying)
Another friend gave me a huge packet of Haribo Tangfastics, which are the best sweets in the world, hands down. I was also given a jar of Malteasers spread by another friend, which I have tried and am now dunking biscuits and chocolate and all sorts into on a daily basis. And, my aunty gave me this cute chocolate heart from Thorntons saying "Happy 16th Birthday", which I love. I have a sort of love/hate relationship with these things because I love eating Thorntons chocolate, but they're too cute and sentimental to eat, so you end up just leaving it on display to look pretty. 

Onto the Disney section of this post, which is a rather big section! First I got this top from my friends which is from Primark. It's got a picture of Aurora from Sleeping Beauty (my fav) and I'll use this as a pyjama top or a top for a lazy day.
The same friends also got me the Alice in Wonderland mug on the top right, which I love! It looks really vintage and has little pictures of the original Alice in Wonderland. I think this may be limited edition, so I would definitely go and pick this up if you're a Disney fanatic like me. 
My aunty who bought me the Thorntons chocolate also got me the Disney mug to the left! This is the cutest mug ever! It's got a little cartoon Alice in Wonderland on it, and it's massive. Like I mean, massive. You'll be having the biggest cup of tea of your life. It's great. 

Looking at this photo, you'll be wondering if you're looking at a 6 year old's birthday haul or a 16 year old's birthday haul. Spoiler: it's actually a seven year old's.
My aunty surprised me with this big Aurora teddy doll, and she's so cute! I used to have all of these Disney princess teddies when I was younger, but I think I gave them away a few years ago. 
Then my friend bought me this teeny weeny little Aurora teddy, which is adorable. 
Lastly, my two friends who bought me the Disney mug also got me a Flora teddy, the little red fairy from Sleeping Beauty, which is so cute!

From my little brother, he very kindly went out and bought me this giant Olaf pillow, which I love! It came in a ginormous Disney box and I was so happy when I opened it! He also bought me this little dog teddy, which is from Hamleys. This is the cutest little teddy ever and it's so fluffy! I'm till unsure on a name though - any name suggestions would be appreciated!
I'm so grateful that my little brother bought me all of this, and I love these two things so much!

My friend who got me the little Aurora teddy and the cake also got me this Pop Once Upon A Time Rumplestiltskin figurine, which I love! If you don't want Once Upon A Time, then you'll have no clue what I'm on about, but Rumplestiltskin is my favourite character, and this little figurine is so adorable! I was so happy when I opened it!

My cousin bought me a pair of earrings, which I love. I think they're from Warren James, I don't have the bag anymore, but I think that might be where they're from. They're little silver hearts, and I know I'll get loads of wear out of these!

My friend bought me this cute little sign for my room about friendship, which is so cute. I love things like this, and it's now proudly hanging in my room. My nana also got me a sign about granddaughters, which I love, and that's hanging up in my room too!
So that was everything I received for my birthday this year! I was so thankful and grateful for everything I was given! And reading over this post, I apologise for my constant use of the word 'cute'. It seems I need to buy myself a thesaurus with my birthday money...
When you're reading this, I'll just be back from London so expect a rather large haul in a few weeks time!
Thank you for reading, and I'll see you soon!


  1. Happy Birthday Robyn! I hope you had a wonderful day! I am VERY jealous of that Make Up Revolution pallet! Lovely post Xx
    Charlotte <3

    1. Thank youu!! I had an amazing birthday! And I love the Makeup Revolution palette!

  2. Looks like you got some really great things here, one of my favourite things about birthdays is always the presents! I'd really love to try that L'Oreal mascara as well, you made it sound so good.

    1. Thank you! You really should get the L'Oreal mascara, it's one of the best drugstore mascaras I've tried! x