Sunday, 24 July 2016

How to Look Alive in Under Five Minutes // Makeup Tutorial

Hello! I thought I would do a post on the makeup I always wear when I'm in a rush (which is all the time). This is normally the makeup I would wear to school as it's really quick and easy. Okay, maybe 
I can't do this in five minutes, but I'm sure if I didn't listen (and dance around) to music while doing my makeup, I could do it in under five minutes.

As I said, this makeup is good to wear to school, as it's quite natural and quick, or if you've woken up late and have to do your makeup in a rush!

For base, even if you're in a rush, I would still make sure I use a primer. There's no use in spending time on your makeup only to get somewhere and realise that your makeup has completely melted off of your face, is there? My favourite primer is the Nivea Men's Post Shave Balm, which has been raved about all over beauty blogs and Youtube. This is like superglue, it holds your makeup in place all day and is so cheap. 

I would definitely say skip foundation, and just go straight to concealer. The MAC Pro Longwear Concealer is a really good option, as it's really high coverage, and covers up dark circles, redness and spots really well without having to spend ages piling on the layers to get more coverage. This concealer makes your face look almost flawless just by using the tiniest amount of this!

I cannot skip powder, it's one of the most important steps for me, as I've got really oily skin and my face becomes a shiny oily mess very quickly if I didn't powder. Again, powder helps your makeup last longer, and right now I'm using the Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot Powder, which I've just hit pan on (*sob*).  I don't like this as much as the Rimmel Stay Matte, I find that this can go a bit cakey sometimes, so I'll most likely be repurchasing Stay Matte once I finish this!

Lastly for base, I would personally skip bronzer and go straight to blush. My favourite blush for when I'm looking a bit -how do I put it?- dead is the Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in Lovely Pink. I'm sorry, I know I talk about this blush non-stop, but it's a great product for when you're tired or looking a bit dull. It's a pale-pink shade, with some shimmer in, that just livens up your face and automatically makes you look much more healthy and awake. The shimmer in the blush also helps it to double up as a highlighter, as it looks really pretty and glowy on the cheeks.

For eyebrows, I would say a brow gel is the way to go, the one I use is the Maybelline Brow Drama, which is really good at adding some colour and setting my brows into place for the day. I think this much quicker than faffing around with a brow pencil or powder, which takes up a lot of time!

I would keep it really simple for eyes, I would first line my waterline with a nude eyeliner. This really brightens up your eyes and helps them look much bigger. The one I like to use is the Primark Beauty Kohl Pencil in Nude, this only cost me £1 and it works really well, it stays in place all day!

I would say the most important step in this whole routine is mascara, a little mascara can help you look 100 times more alive and less zombie-like. I love the L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara, as it makes your lashes so long and fluttery, and adds a lot of volume.

If you've got a few minutes to spare, then you could add a shimmery light eyeshadow to your inner corner or all over your lid, to brighten them up a bit, and add a matte brown into your crease for definition, and it helps make you look as though you spent a lot of time on your makeup. In the photo, I used the Revlon ColourStay Eyeshadow Palette in Addictive. This is a really good little eyeshadow palette for everyday use, it has a really nice selection of neutral eyeshadows that I get a lot of wear out of.

For lips, I decided to give 3 options! 
If you're looking really tired and have dark circles even your thickest concealer can't cover, then I'd just go for a bright lipstick! Wearing something bright on your lips drags away the attention from the rest of your face and helps you look much more awake! The one I have in the photo is the Natural Collection Lipstick in Raspberry, which is a dark pink shade that I wear a lot!

I also included a nude lipstick, this is the MAC Lipstick in Shanghai Spice. I love this lipstick, it' an orange-toned nude that is really easy to slick on without worrying about making a mess or even using a mirror. I wear this lipstick all the time to school and it's so pretty!

Lastly, I added in a lipgloss, as they're again, very easy to apply without a mirror, and you don't have to be precise or careful about your application. My favourite lipgloss is the MAC Cremesheen Gloss in Loud and Lovely, which looks really bright in the tube but it comes out really sheer and pretty on your lips!

So that is my take on how to look alive in under five minutes! I hope you liked this post, and please leave a comment down below telling me how fast you can do your makeup! (on the weekend, I can take over an hour!)

Thank you for reading, and I'll see you soon!

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  1. Nice tips!
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  2. Lovely tutorial and pictures! A primer is always essential xx

    1. I agree haha! And thank you! xx