Sunday, 31 July 2016

Urban Decay x Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette: Review and Swatches

After weeks of stalking Debenhams and House of Fraser, checking every corner of the internet, and unsuccessfully trying to order it from, I finally managed to get my hands on the limited edition Urban Decay x Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette. 
I'll explain how I managed to get it later in the post, but I thought I would do a big post showing you swatches and give you my thoughts on this!
Unfortunately the palette is almost impossible to get in the UK now, it seems to be sold out everywhere, sorry!

One of my best friends went on holiday to New York a few weeks ago, and when she was there, I asked her to pick me up the palette if she saw it, and I would pay her back (obviously!) She eventually managed to find it, and I made her send me endless snapchats of it. THen I went on holiday and didn't see her for a few weeks, but then we met up and I paid her for the palette and now it's MINE.
I squealed and made some weird noises when I started opening it up, and within two minutes my hand was completely covered in swatches!

Fast forward to now, I've used it a few times and I can't wait to tell you all about it!

I paid £45 for this, which I know is a lot, but it's limited edition, and let's be real, you're mostly paying for the packaging rather than the product inside! (although spoiler: the eyeshadows are absolutely gorgeous!)

When you first open the palette, there is two black panels that you can lift up to reveal a 3D butterfly, which is so unique and cool! (I mean, if you're paying £45 for a palette, you're going to be expecting a 3D butterfly included at the very least, aren't you?)
The little black panels have pretty gold quotes from the movie, which is a really nice detail.
However the actual eyeshadows are in a little drawer underneath that has another quote from the movie.

In this palette, you get 20 eyeshadows, which I think is really good, as the Naked palettes have 12 eyeshadows and they're £38, so I do think you're getting a good amount of product for your money.

I think you get a good range of shadows in here, you get some pretty neutrals, but you also get some amazing out-there bright colours, like greens and blues! I'm determined to try and wear bright eyeshadows more often so I think this is a good way to get into them!

Almost every single shade in this palette is incredibly beautiful and pigmented, especially the matte shades! They're just as good as the shadows in their Naked palettes!
However, there is one shade in the palette that has next-to-no pigmentation, which you'll see when I do the swatches.

Overall, I'm so impressed with this palette and I'm so glad I got it! I can guarantee I won't be buying anything else soon as this was pretty pricey! (I'm laughing at myself reading this, I've been shopping a lot these past few days - expect a haul to be coming your way soon.)

Row 1

Looking Glass - A pale pinky-toned white with the tiniest bit of shimmer (hard to see on my arm, sorry!)

Hatter - A grass-green shade with a little bit of shimmer

Lily - A pretty shimmery white that is quite holographic and shines purple (does that make sense?)

Heads Will Roll - A slightly shimmery bright turquoise

Time - Beautiful shimmery navy blue (One of my favourite shades in the palette - it's gorgeous!)

Row 2

Reflection - A matte peachy-orange shade

Gone Mad - A matte dark purple

Duchess - A very shimmery peachy orange

Bandersnatch - A matte royal blue

Dream On - A purply-toned glitter (this is the only shade that has no pigment, I really had to rub at this shade in the palette to get some pay off on my arm!

Row 3 (My favourite row!)

Dormouse - Slightly shimmery warm-toned brown

Paradox - A gorgeous bright orange with loads of glitter

Kingdom - Another favourite of mine, a bronzy-brown shade with loads of shimmer and glitter!
Salazen Grum - Another one of my favourite shades! This is a beautiful dark brown-y red, with gold glitter!

Chronosphere - A dark brown with a lot of yellow and gold shimmer through it

Row 4 

Metamorphosis - A bright matte sea-blue shade (I can't wait to use this!)

Cake - Dark magenta shade with glitter

Chessboard - Dark matte warm-toned brown

Royal Flush - Pinky-toned champagne shade, with glitter

Mirror - Pretty dark grey, with the tiniest hint of shimmer

I hope you liked this post! I'm so happy that I finally own this palette, it was so difficult to get! I hope my swatches were okay, I spent ages taking them!

Do any of you own this palette? If you do, please tell me your thoughts!
Thank you for reading, and I'll see you on Wednesday!

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  1. The packaging is like nothing I've ever seen before! And the eyeshadows inside look beautiful too. Like you row 3 is definitely my favourite X

    1. I'm such a sucker for packaging! I love all it so much! x

  2. Nice post! The packaging looks amazing and the eye shadows look beautiful, especially Kingdom.

    1. Thank yooouu! It's easily the prettiest makeup item I own! xx

  3. Wow this palette is so beautiful, i'd be one of those paying £45 just for the packaging haha! Thanks for reviewing it and the swatches are great too! Leonie x

    1. Same! I literally fall for the packaging every time! Thank you! xx

  4. The packaging and shades are so beautiful! Lovely review xx

  5. Omygod, this palette might just give me a heart attack. LOL. It's so pretty!!!

    Jorj | Mad Cherry

    1. I know! I fangirled over it so much! x

  6. The packaging is so lovely.
    Mia x |