Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The Empties - Episode 3

Last week, my and my friends cleared out my makeup storage, and I got rid of loads of stuff - I feel so decluttered now! However, my hoarding habits reached a peak when my friends pulled open the bottom drawer of my Alex 9 Drawers to find a drawer stuffed full of empty beauty containers. Stuffed full.
So, the other day, I photographed all of the empties and I've divided it up between 3 empties posts! As a result, I've finally been able to throw away ALL of my empty products, woop woop!

I doubt this will last - my Lush shower gel's nearly ran out and my Soap and Glory powder is almost finished, so I'll be back to hoarding containers in no time!

Sunday, 28 August 2016

The Makeup Brushes You Need in Your Life

I'm a bit of a brush hoarder, my collection isn't completely out of control, but it is much larger than the average person's. Anyway, I thought I'd show you my favourite makeup brushes that I use everyday, as these are the brushes I'd recommend to everyone!
I've got eight brushes to show you all, and if you've got any recommendations for me, please leave them down below as I'm always up for new brushes!

Just before I start,

Sunday, 21 August 2016

A Non-Beauty Haul: Disney, Books & More!

So. I've been shopping. I've been shopping so much recently in fact, that I decided to split it into two different posts! Today I'm showing you the non-beauty side of things, and I'll upload the makeup haul in a week or so!

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

What's on my iPhone?

Hi!  Today I've decided to do a post on what's on my iPhone! I see this going around Youtube a lot, however I've seen a few different blog posts on it and I thought it would be interesting to do this as a blog post instead of a video (mostly because I'm too much of a wuss to make a Youtube channel).
I have a feeling this post will be a bit long, as I have a lot of apps on my phone, so sorry!

My lockscreen is really basic, it's just a pale pink watercolour wallpaper I found on We Heart It. Sometimes it's a photo of me and my friends, but obviously I'm not going to show that because #anonymous and all that.

The front page of my apps is the basic Apple app-setup, everyone who owns an Apple product knows these apps so I won't go into them!

On the second page of my apps, I have a folder filled with yet more of Apple's apps that no one ever uses. In this folder, I also have Buffer, which is how I schedule Tweets, Gmail, which is for my emails (did you guess?), and Life360, which to be honest I have no clue what it is, my mum told me to download it so she can track my phone if I get kidnapped or something.

In the next folder, I have my games, which, I'm not going to lie, I play all the time. First I have Colour Switch, which is one of those games where you end up throwing your phone against a wall because it's so frustrating. But other than that, it's really fun!
I also have Where's my Water 2, which is when you have to create a little maze to get water to a little crocodile. It sounds really boring, but it's really fun! I don't play this as much now, as when you get to a certain level you have to pay, which I'm not doing!
Then I have Episode. We all know Episode, the app that is all over the place that seems to have really interesting story lines and plots until you download it and realise that they aren't even real. I mostly just play this for the Demi Lovato stories, but there's some other good ones on there too!
Then I have Jigsaw Bug. I'm a granny in disguise, I know, but I love doing jigsaws, they're so relaxing. I completed all of the jigsaws on this a few months ago, and deleted and re-installed it so I could do them all again. I'm a saddo, I know.

I'm sure everyone's had Candy Crush on their phones at some time or another! I love this game, it's so addictive and to be quite honest, I've came very close to buying gold bars and lives on this! 

Then I have Tiny Zoo. Now you may be thinking "Robyn, ar you not a bit old to be playing a zoo game?" No, no I am not. This is the most addictive game I've ever played, you basically own your own zoo and you can buy and purchase animals and things, and breed them and things like that. Again, sounds boring, but so addictive. I haven't played this game in a few months, but I'm so proud of my zoo that I can't bring myself to delete it!

We all know Best Fiends. Every Youtuber under the sun seems to have had a sponsorship deal with them, and I have to admit, I've been sucked in. This is my current addiction, I play it literally all day, and this is another time where I've came close to buying gold bars and meteorites. This is definitely not an ad, but Best Fiends, feel free to drop me an email - kidding. (I'm totally not kidding)

Lastly, I have Brick Breaker, which is when you're controlling a little ball that has to hit lots of little bricks to complete the level. Again, very addictive!

Onto the social media apps, I first have Twitter. You can follow my Twitter here (Selfless self-promo no.1).
I use Twitter all the time, I'm pretty awful at actually tweeting things, but I do love to spend way too much time scrolling through it and seeing what everyone's doing.

I also have Snapchat, which is personal, so you can't follow me on there (sorry!)! I'm also addicted to Snapchat, I use it all the time and I love seeing how ugly I can make myself with the weird filters!
Next I have Instagram! I have a personal Instagram which I use all the time, but I do have a blog Instagram, which you can follow here. (Shameless self-promo no.2)  Again, I'm awful at remembering to post on this, but I'm hoping to set everything up and start it soon!

I love Bloglovin! I use this on the daily, I love reading blog posts! Bloglovin link is here (Shameless self-promo no.3 - this is the last one, I promise!) 
I then have Facebook Messenger, which I use to speak to my friends. This, again, is private, sorry!

Next up is Youtube, which of course, is one of my most used apps! I spend loads of my spare time watching Youtube, and I'm currently thinking of doing a post of my current favourite bloggers and Youtubers, so let me know if that's something you'd like to see?

Of course, I've got Netflix. How would I cope without it? My top Netflix recommendations are Pretty Little Liars (Obviously - I'm still a mess over that Ezria proposal), American Horror Story, and Once Upon a Time!
I also have Quiz Up, which is basically you versing people all over the world on thousands of different quiz topics. This is another addictive game, and I'm a champion at Disney Princesses (just saying).

I also have the Boots Advantage Card app, which shows me deals in Boots that I can get with my Advantage Card. This is really good as I can get really good discounts on different makeup, skincare and haircare bits in Boots. However, it does end up making me want to spend £5 on toothpaste just so I can get 500 points on my card...

We Heart It is another app on my phone. I don't really use this much, but I do like to use it to find new wallpapers for my phone.
I also have Afterlight, which is the editing app I use to edit my blog photos. This does cost money, but it's such a good app, and I use it all the time!

Whitagram is another editing app I like to use. I normally use this to brighten photos or to edit the photos that are always at the start of each of my blog posts. This is free and I would totally recommend this if you don't want to pay for Afterlight.

VSCO Cam is the last editing app on my phone! This is another app I don't really use, but everyone seems to love it so I'm trying to gt into it and use it more, but to be honest, I don't get how it works and I'd much rather use my other editing apps if I'm honest!
Phonto is the app that I use to add font to my photos. I download all of my fonts from Dafont (if you're wondering), and I use this app all the time!

I have EE, which is my phone's network. This is quite a boring one, as I only ever go on this to check if I've went over my data limit for the month.
I also have Covet Fashion, which I talked about ages ago in my April Favourites. This is an app where you can enter different fashion competitions and dress up your little character and buy clothes and talk to other users. It's really fun and also incredibly addictive.

I recently downloaded GoodReads, which I've heard a few people talking about. This is an app where you can search up practically any book and read reviews written by other people. You can also write your on reviews and rate books, which I love doing. This is really helpful for me when I'm unsure whether to buy a book or not, I just look at the reviews for it and then decide if I want it or not!

Lastly, I have PicCollage, which I use to make different collages. I love using this as it's free and you can d loads of different stuff on it! This is the app that I use to make the little collages for my Roundup posts, too!

So that is what apps are on my iPhone! I hope this post wasn't too boring! 
And sorry for not posting on Sunday, I had a last-minute essay to write for english and didn't have time to type up a post! (That's right, I'm back at school. *sobs*)

Anyway, thank you for reading, and I'll see you on Sunday!

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The Emergency Beauty Bag

Seeing as some of us are going back to school in a few weeks *sob*, I thought I would put together a post on the little 'emergency bag' I carry around in my bag for school. This contains practically everything you would need for school, from makeup top-ups, to plasters!

For makeup, I tend to carry around the products that need to be reapplied throughout the day. 
So the first product I carry around is a concealer. The one in the photo is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, which I love. I normally use my MAC Pro Longwear Concealer for school and use the Collection concealer for top-ups during the day.

I also carry a powder, because if I don't reapply powder halfway through the day, then I look like a greasy mess by the time I get home. I'm using the Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot Powder just now, which I've hit pan on! I'll most likely just put this in the emergency bag to finish it up, and buy a new Rimmel Stay Matte for my makeup drawers for me to use everyday. I also carry a powder brush around to apply it!

For lips, I usually carry some sort of lip balm and lip product. The Maybelline Baby Lips are really good for no-makeup days, as they're slightly tinted and help moisturise your lips. I also carry about a lipstick or lipgloss that I like. I usually use the L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in J-Lo's Nude, as it's a really pretty pinky-nude shade.

No one wants to stink during school, so I carry around a mini can of deodorant just in case.
I also carry a little perfume sample, this is the Ariana Grande perfume that I love. I normally carry about a body spray with me too, but that's too big to fit inside the makeup bag.

Hand sanitiser is an essential for those times where you accidentally touch a piece of chewing gum under your desk. I normally use the Bath and Body Works ones, as they're the only ones I have. This one is called A Thousand Wishes and smells really nice!

We're all girls here, so I think all of us carries at least one pad/tampon around with them in school. You don't know when mother nature will decided to bless you with your period, so it's good to be prepared!

I also carry around a small stash of plasters and paracetamol. I'm prone to paper cuts, so plasters are an essential for me, as are paracetamol when said mother nature blesses you with not only your period, but cramps too.

I carry a couple of hair baubles around with me, as my hair is really thick and frizzy, and if I don't have time to straighten it, then I most likely just shove it up in a bun in school. To go along with this, I carry a few kirby grips!
I also carry tissues, because everyone needs tissues!
Chewing gum is also a big essential for me, I normally carry a packet in my blazer, but this is my emergency chewing gum for when I don't have any left. That's quite sad, isn't it?

Lastly, I carry some money around with me just in case I need it, whether it be for lunch or a bus or train ticket.


I hope this post was helpful to you! I love reading posts like this, and I thought it would be helpful for people like me, who are going back to school soon. 

Thank you for reading, and I'll see you soon!

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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Clothing Wishlist - August

Hi! Today I've decided to do another wishlist! I do beauty wishlists a lot but I decided to switch it up a bit and do a clothing wishlist instead. Over the past few weeks, I've found myself browsing Missguided, Topshop and Asos a lot! I'm not going to lie, I hate buying clothes, as they're so expensive! But there's no harm in filling up your basket with clothes and then emptying it when you realise you can't afford any of it, is there?

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The Roundup #4 - Baking Disasters, Exam Results, & New Kylie Releases!

Hello my lovelies! I thought it was about time I done another Roundup post, as the last time I done one was in April!
I have quite a few things to talk about with you, so I hope you enjoy!