Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The Roundup #4 - Baking Disasters, Exam Results, & New Kylie Releases!

Hello my lovelies! I thought it was about time I done another Roundup post, as the last time I done one was in April!
I have quite a few things to talk about with you, so I hope you enjoy!

Tanya Bakes and The Baking Incident - I love baking, I aspire to be Mary Berry, so when I saw Tanya was bringing out a baking book, I bought it straightaway. Me and my friend got together about 2 weeks ago to make the Triple Chocolate Loaf Cake that she made in a video. As a result of my family owning a rather dodgy oven, we found that the cake just wouldn't bake, the insides were still soggy and mushy after it being in the oven for 50 minutes. So we turned the temperature down a little, and not even ten minutes later, my friend goes "Robyn, there's steam coming out of your oven." So I open the oven door and take out the cake with my oven gloves and the cake is on fire. What did I do when I realised that it was on fire? I threw it back in the oven and started screaming. 
So there we were, two teenage girls screaming at the top of their voices with an oven on fire. Great.
Eventually I got a neighbour to sort everything out, and long story short, my kitchen didn't go on fire, just the cake. 
A week later, once we had both recovered from the almost-fire incident, we decided to bake at our other friends house. This time we made the s'mores cupcakes from Tanya's book, and we found that Tanya had forgot to list some ingredients in the book. We were halfway through the mixture and we were told to add flour, even though it wasn't in the ingredients list. We ended up just adding in a random amount and they tasted really nice, but I hope Tanya fixes this!

Exam Results - Well, just as this post goes up, it's 6 days until my life ends I get my exam results. I'm really anxious and nervous, and I'm praying that everything goes to plan! I thought I would just leave a little note here about when I get my results, as I'm from Scotland, and I'm wondering when the English results come through? 
Anyway, just keep your fingers crossed for me!

Kylie's Stole my Money Again - Have you seen these new releases from Kylie Cosmetics?!
I loved Kristen, one of her new Summer shades, and I really wanted to order one or two (or 7) of the single liquid lipsticks when they came back into stock, but after watching her unveil her limited edition birthday collection on snapchat, I was literally obsessed. But when she pulled out that set of mini mattes, I knew they had to be mine.
So flashback to Monday night, I was ready and waiting to enter the Hunger Games arena for the second time, and within a few minutes, my set of mini mattes were purchased and on their way to me! Expect a whole post on them when they arrive!
Yes, I may be on a shopping ban for 6 months, but it'll all be worth it!

150 Followers! - I've reached 150 followers on Bloglovin! Over these past few weeks I've been gaining quite a few new followers, and I'm not sure why! I know this may not be a huge milestone for some people, but for someone who was stuck on 60 followers for months on end, a sudden gain in the space of a month is really exciting! I'm also just about to hit 17,000 views on my blog, so thank you so much!

#Speakup - I completely forgot to mention this on my blog, but at the start of July, I wrote a post for #Speakup, a campaign run by Nicole from ThriftyVintageFashion to raise awareness for important issues such as mental health. In my post, I wrote about living with anorexia, and I really enjoyed talking about it and helping raise awareness of it. If you want to, you can read that post here!
I'll probably speak more about my eating disorder on here in the future, but you can read that post and I hope it gives you an insight into what living with an eating disorder is like.


I hope you liked this Roundup post! Sorry it was a bit rambly, I had a lot to mention! 
Anyway, thank you again for 150 followers, and I'll see you on Sunday!

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  1. Congrats on 150 followers and you've hit 17,000 views so congrats! I hope your get the results you wanted for your exams xx

    1. Thank you so much! I'm praying that everything goes okay! xx

  2. Congrats! Kylie new releases are amazing :D

    Mia x |

    1. Thank you! And I love all of Kylie's new releases too! xx

  3. Congratulation, trust me everyone has a different milestone, and good luck with your results :p xx

  4. Congrats on 150 followers! And I would have done the same as you in that baking incident haha☺ Good luck on results day, Leonie x

    1. Thank you so much! I'm really pleased with them! xx

  5. Good luck with your exam results! I'm sure you'll do really well. ALevel results day is the 18th and GCSE is the 25th! I'll be getting my AS Level results on the 18th and I'm really nervous. Great post, I love the roundup idea.
    Lauren x

    1. Thank youu! I got them this morning, and I'm so happy with them! Good luck with your results too!
      And I love your YouTube videos and your blog too! xx