Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Kylie Birthday Edition Mini Mattes! - Review

Hello, so I'm back with another review from Kylie Cosmetics! I almost died when she showed the limited edition birthday collection on Snapchat, and I knew I had to make an order.
Honestly, put 'Limited Edition' on anything and I'll buy it, I just can't help myself!

As I just said, I was so excited and hyped up to buy this set, and I was giving mum strict instructions on how to order those mini mattes as fast as she could on her phone, just in case I couldn't get them. I was on that website at 11pm sharp, and added the mini mattes to the basket and went straight to the checkout within about 5 seconds. This was when my heart started to break a little - the website didn't go to the basket, I got another page come up saying that the website was so busy and everything was in high demand, so I might get taken to checkout, or I might get taken straight back to the homepage and not get anything. Thank the lord, I got put through to the checkout, and within a couple of minutes those little mini mattes were on their way to me!

Okay, so I ordered these on August 1st, and I got an email saying they had been shipped on X. My last order from Kylie took around 12 days to arrive, so I was expecting the same for this order. After around 15 or 16 days, my mum and I were really confused, as the order was saying it had been delivered but there was no sign of the package at all. The order finally came on August 18th I think, but did I receive this package on August 18th? No, I didn't, because I had to pay a customs charge.  A CUSTOMS CHARGE. I was so annoyed, as the mattes were expensive, plus shipping and now this. (I'll get into costs and everything later.)

I drove to the postal office two days later to pick it up, and pay that stupid customs charge, and them, the package was mine.
I was so excited when I opened all of this up, and I made some strange noises resembling a whale. The packaging was wrapped in the same polystyrene sheets as before, and had the mini mattes (obviously) and a little card from Kylie, with a message about her birthday collection.

In this set, you get 6 minis of her famous liquid lipsticks. You get Exposed, Candy K, Dolce K, Koko K, Kristen and Leo, the new limited edition shade for the collection.
I already have Koko K, but I wasn't too bothered about having another one, as I thought I could keep it in my handbag and stuff. I was really excited to try nearly every shade in the set, apart from Dolce K, which to be honest, I thought looked a bit like poop in some people's photos. Since I've tried it, Dolce does not actually look like poop, it's just a slightly darker version of Candy, however, I've got swatches and stuff coming up soon, so you can decide if it looks like poop or not. 
We're really classy over here on OhSoDaisy, in case you hadn't already noticed.

Anyway, I'm a fan of all of these shades, which is a relief, as I was terrified I wasn't going to like Dolce or Exposed. My favourites are Candy, Koko, and Exposed, and I've been wearing those 3 so much over the past few weeks. 

In terms of formula, I think this is very different to my full size of Koko K. If I'm being honest, I much prefer this formula to the original one, it feels much thinner and dries quicker I would say. I also think that this one lasts much longer, and doesn't flake or feel lumpy or feel a bit funny after a few hours like my full size Koko K sometimes does. I'm not sure if they've just changed the formula for all the mattes, or just those mini ones, but I find that I reach for my mini of Koko K more than y full size. I do really like the original formula of Koko K, but I find that these mini mattes are just a tiny bit better. 

Okay, so in total for these mini mattes, you get 0.65ml of product in each tube. In the full size, you get 3.25ml in the tube. Now, if I use my fabulous maths skills here, *grabs calculator bc I can't do basic maths* in total for the 6 mini mattes, you get 3.9ml of product. Now, for $35, you are paying for 6 shades, but you get much less product than you would in a full sized lip kit, so I think that this set was really quite overpriced. I do really love the set, I use all of the shades, but for $35, I don't really think it's worth it.

So, onto the shades and swatches!

Exposed - An orangey-toned nude. Sometimes I don't think this suits me very much, but then I remember how much I paid for this set and wear it anyway.

Dolce K - A darker version of exposed. This is a warm, mid toned brown that has a small resemblance to poop in the tube, but looks so pretty on the lips.

Candy K - A pale browny nude. This is really similar to Koko K, but it's more brown than pink. This is definitely my most worn shade.

Koko K - A mid-toned pink, looks so pretty and I wear this all the time!

Kristen - A bright pink-red colour, that I really need to push myself to wear more, as it's so pretty!

Leo - The limited edition shade from the collection. This is a really dark maroon shade, which is so beautiful! This is another shade that I need to pluck up the courage to wear outside more!

This set cost $35, which is roughly £27. I was very hesitant to ordering this at first, as it is very pricey, but I convinced myself that it was a fab deal and ordered it anyway. On top of that, shipping to the UK cost £10, so in total, I had paid around the £37 mark. I know that's a pretty ridiculous amount for just 5 little minis, in which you aren't even getting that much product.

So, there I was, waiting for weeks for this to be delivered. I came home from school to find that familiar little red card from the post office telling me that my parcel couldn't be delivered because I had been caught out with a customs charge.
I think my customs charge came to around £13, so in total for these mini mattes, I paid £50, which is absolutely ridiculous! I told myself that I won't be ordering from Kylie Cosmetics anymore,(lol I'll see what her Christmas collection looks like and I might reconsider) as the cost for the smallest bits of makeup was costing me so much money! 

Overall, I do love these mini mattes and I'm getting a lot of wear out of them, however, they are so not worth the price tag and if something similar comes out soon, I would say to maybe skip it and spend your money on other things!


I hope you liked this post! Sorry for not posting yesterday, but I thought it was better to get a post up a day late instead of not at all!

Did you purchase anything from Kylie's birthday collection or do you own anything by Kylie Cosmetics? If so, what are your thoughts?
Thank you for reading and I'll see you soon!

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  1. You are so lucky you got your hands on this set, its gorgeous! Shame about the price though, that is the big off put! x

    Kate// katerosexo1.blogspot.com

  2. Lovely post, Robyn! I love your pictures- definitely going to look more in depth to these lippies. They look gorgeous! x