Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Colourpop Haul // Shipping, Review & Swatches!

A few weeks ago, I made a cheeky order on Colourpop, after I got sent an email telling me that they were doing a special £4.99 flat rate shipping deal on all international orders. 
I've heard that shipping to the UK is normally £25, so when I heard that it was only £4.99, I was right on the website!

So I've had my three liquid lipsticks for a few weeks now, and I think I can give you a full review of my thoughts on these!

So delivery: I ordered my products on the 24th September, and then I got an email a few days later on the 29th telling me that my order had been shipped. I was told that my order could take anything from 7 to 21 days to arrive, and I was given a tracking number so I could see where my order was.

My package arrived on the 4th October, but no one was in to accept it, so it went to the post office pick-up and I picked it up the next day, where I found out that I (thankfully!) wasn't hit with a customs charge!

I didn't go too crazy, I only ordered 3 products, as I'm meant to be on a spending ban to save up for buying Christmas presents (which isn't going too well, in case you're wondering).

So I ordered two of the Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks, and one of the Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks. The two mattes are Bumble and Solow, and the satin is November

I love Bumble, I think it's my favourite one that I ordered, it's a really dark pink, which is a really typical autumn-y shade. 
Solow is a brighter mid-toned pink, and I was a bit shocked when I applied this, as it's much brighter on the lips than it is in the tube, but it looks so pretty once it dries down! 
November is a slightly darker, more toned-down version of Solow. It's one of the Kathleen Lights shades that she came out with a while ago, and I thought that it looked so beautiful on her! This is definitely a close second, and I've worn this one loads since I got it! 

These liquid lipsticks are a dream to wear, they're so light and easy to apply. In terms of wearability, the Ultra Matte wear a bit longer than the Ultra Satin, I wore Bumble when I went out the other day and I was eating and drinking, and over six hours later, it looked the exact same as it did when I applied it! I didn't have to reapply or anything, and it still felt really light and like I wasn't wearing any lipstick. The Ultra Mattes are also smudge proof, if you're to swatch these on your hand and leave them to dry, they will not budge. Like, you can be showering and scrubbing at your hand and they won't be going anywhere!
With November, it still wears really well, but I find the colour wears off a bit in the middle of my lips, so I do have to reapply this after around three or four hours, or after I eat. These do smudge a little if you rub them hard enough, but they still wear really well!

Also, they're really liquidy, especially the Ultra Mattes, so be warned! When I first opened up Solow to swatch it, it dripped onto the little card I got with my order! I find I really have to scrape off product on the side of the tube before I apply it so it doesn't drip all over me!

Better than Kylie? Hmm.. I think they're about even, they feel practically the same and both wear roughly the same, and if you were to blindfold me and make me guess which formula was Kylie and which was Colourpop, I would really struggle to know which is which.

Okay, onto the prices! Here you can be impressed (or disgusted, whichever way you look at it) by my amazing maths skills.
As you probably know, Colourpop are really affordable, and their liquid lipsticks are all only $6 each. So I ordered 3 liquid lipsticks, which totals to $18 (are you impressed yet?).

Then there was a flat rate international shipping deal of $4.99, so that takes the total up to $22.99. And lastly, when you first click onto their site and sign up for the newsletter, you get a code for $5 off your first order, so after entering the promo code into the webite, my total was back down to $18, which roughly converts to £13, which is so amazing for 3 lip products, including shipping.
Even better, I didn't get hit with a £25 customs charge like most people do, so I was so happy!

Would I buy from Colourpop again? I definitely would, although I would only do it if they did another flat rate international shipping rate, as shipping to the UK is normally £25. I love everything I ordered, and I'm so impressed with it all, that I would love to own more products by them! I do hope they come to Beauty Bay or Cult Beauty in the future, as they'd be so much easier to get a hold of!


Thank you for reading! I hope you liked this review of my little Colourpop order! I'm doing really awful at this whole posting weekly thing, having gone two weeks without posting, I am so sorry, and to make up for it, in December, I'll be doing some sort of blogmas, where I post every second day or something like that, I haven't properly sorted it all out yet!

Thanks for reading (again!), and thank you for dealing with my erratic posting over the last month or so!

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  1. You are so lucky to not have had a custom charge, I really want to try Colourpop but I don't want to risk getting charged. The shades you picked up look lovely though!
    Grace xx

    1. I read somewhere that you're most likely to get a customs charge if your order is over £30, and mine was only around £13, so I think that's why I didn't get one! xxx

  2. I am in love with those three shades you got, they are beautiful and so me. These sound amazing!! x


    1. I love them too, I was so terrified that they would look different on the website, but they all look so pretty! xxx