Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The Christmas Gift Guide - £25 & Under!

Hello! So today I'm bringing you the first gift guide of 2016! Woooo!
I've decided on doing 2 guides this year,mainly based on what girls my age would want, as I'm quite good at guessing that!
This one is for gifts at £10-£25, and my next one will be for £10 and under!

I have got a lot of products to talk about, so let's get started!

I really like this little set, as it contains 6 lipsticks, plus a little lip thing that turns the lipstick matte, which I think is so cool! I thought this set would be good for a group of friends that all like makeup, as you could divide up the lipsticks and keep one or two for yourself! It comes with nudes, pinks, reds and even purples, so there's a colour for everyone!

2. Morphe Palette - £21

Everyone seems to own a Morphe palette nowadays, (apart from me... *sobs*) so I thought it was right I include one. The one in the photo is the 35O, which is by far the most famous one, and is always out of stock, but there's lots of other really gorgeous ones on Beauty Bay, and Cult Beauty, and if I was your friend, I wouldn't complain if I received a Morphe palette - Just saying. 

3. MAC Lipstick - £15.50

I think a MAC Lipstick is a great present for someone, as it's quite pricey but isn't too expensive, and everyone seems to own a MAC Lipstick. I mean, even if they don't own a lipstick from MAC, who doesn't like lipstick? My top MAC picks are Velvet Teddy, Lustering, and Brave.

Ariana's first perfume, Ari, that she released last year, smelle so amazing that when she announced she was releasing another this year, I was practically first to get a sample! And this one smells even better than her last! 
With my zero skills in describing scents, I would say that perfume is really sweet, and smells a bit like sweets, or something? I don't know, but if you're into sweet scents, this is for you (or a friend!)

This part of the guide is for the girl (or guy) who loves Youtube! This first set is really cute, it comes with a shower gel and body cream and a little cloth, all scented with the new gingerbread scent (which I love!). I really like this set as it comes packaged really prettily, which I think makes it look far more expensive than it really is!

This is another really pretty product from Zoe's new homeware range, and I think this little set would be good for a best friend or something! In all honesty, I'm not really into Zoe's homeware range, I don't really like any of the products and think it's a bit overpriced, but for someone who's a huge Zoe fan or just likes homeware things, this would be a fab option!

Okay, I know this is not within the £10-£25 rane, but I swear than when I looked this palette up, it was £11, but now it's changed to £9.00? I have no idea, but I done these collages after I came home from school and I was pretty exhausted, so that's maybe why I got confused!
Anyway, this set comes with 4 eyeshadows, a blush, highlighter and matte liquid lipstick. I saw Tanya use this in her latest tutorial, and thought it looked so gorgeous, so I had to include it!

Okay, I know what you're thinking - a duvet?! But this whole new collection by Gabby (Velvetgh0st) is just so cute, and this duvet is also on my wishlist! It comes in a double and a single, and they're so affordable, the single is £13 and the double is around £16 I think, which is so good! This would be perfect for someone who is a fan of Gabby, or just loves pretty homeware!

This set is so amazing for the price, as you get so many little mini products, such as the Clean On Me shower gel, the Righteous Butter, loads of the Sugar Crush range, and even more! Even if you didn't want to get the whole set for one person, you could always just split a few of the products between your friends, and wrap it all up prettily! Another selling point for this set? The box that these products come in sings. To be honest, I would give all the products to my friends and just keep the box for myself, but obviously, that's just me...

This is a set that I think would be good for someone like your mum, or aunt, as Sanctuary's products are aimed at more older women. My mum really likes this brand, so I've bought her this for her Christmas, and I'm hoping she'll like it! 
This set comes with a hand cream, bubble bath, body wash, body lotion, and an exfoliating glove, and it's all nicely packed in a big glass jar with a ribbon, which again, makes it look far more expensive than it actually is!

This is another item from Gabby's line, and I think this dressing gown would be perfect for anyone, as it's so cute and soft. This is so cheap, it's only £16, but it doesn't look or feel cheap in the slightest, and this product is also on my Christmas list!

12. Makeup Revolution Iconic Nudes Brush Collection - £30 (but currently on sale for £20!)

I think this set is so gorgeous, it looks a lot like the Zoeva brushes that are around £60! These are a little more pricey when compared to some of the other Makeup Revolution products, but you are getting 9 brushes plus a sponge,which is an amazing deal. I included these because they're currently on sale for just £20, so if you're going to get them, I would do it soon!

I couldn't do a gift guide without including a Lush gift or two, could I? This is a regular Christmas set that they bring it out every year, and they switch around the products slightly. This year it comes with 3 products: Father Christmas Bath Bomb, Butterbear, and The Christmas Penguin. This set is so adorable, and it would e perfect for anyone who loves Lush products!

This is my favourite Lush set out of the two, as this comes with 3 bath bobs: Intergalactic, Shoot for the Stars, and Northern Lights, my favourite bath bomb from the Christmas range. I might start dropping the hits for my friends to get me this, as it looks like such a good set! 

Lastly, this is another product on my Christmas List! This set comes with minis of all 4 of Zoe's body mists that she's came out with. This is so cute, and I really like that you can get the chance to try out all of her scents without having to buy them all full size. I don't own any of these scents, so I'm excited to smell them all!
This would be perfect for a friend who loves Zoe, or just someone who really likes to smell nice (I mean, who doesn't want to smell nice?!)


And we're done! I hope you made it through the post, and didn't get bored!

I hope this guide was somewhat helpful, I always spend ages putting together these gift guides, as they're on of my favourite posts to do!

Thank you for reading, and I'll see you soon!


  1. Some great gift ideas! Anything LUSH is a winner for me! Sophie x

  2. I love Gabbie's new range! It is so pretty and I love the colours xx