Sunday, 4 December 2016

15 Unpopular Beauty Confessions

Hello! Today I thought I would do a post on something I've been thinking about doing for a while - unpopular beauty confessions! 
These are my thoughts on loads of different things that are circulating around the beauty blogging and youtube world! 

1. There is such a thing as too much highlighter. Sorry, I said it. It sometimes makes me cringe when I see people with a strip of white shimmer across their cheek, and at that moment, I think people have taken it a bit far. 
However, I do like a rather fabulous highlight myself, but I am really not a fan when you feel that you need sunglasses to look at someone!

2. The MAC 217 is not that good. This is the first makeup product I bought as a result of Youtube hype. I thought that all my eyeshadow woes would be cured and it was going to work wonders. After I got it, I went on about how good it was, but I realise now that it's kind of scratchy, and can hurt your eyelids a bit if you blend with it for too long. I've also tried Makeup Revolution blending brushes that I think work the same or even better, which are £2.99 or even cheaper! I do still use this brush whenever I do eyeshadow, but it just feels a bit cheap to be honest, and it's definitely not worth the hype or the price (£17!)

3. How do eyebrows work? I have absolutely no idea. I fill them in with a brow pencil from Makeup Revolution, but to be honest I don't know how to do it, I just brush it through my brows and pray I look alright. I have only ever had my eyebrows waxed twice in my life, and they were both over a year ago, and now I don't even tweeze my eyebrows because I'm scared I'll accidentally pull my whole eyebrow out! 

4. I despise looking shiny, or oily or 'dewy' as some people call it, so much. Any spot of shine on my face is soon killed by good old Stay Matte! It makes me so annoyed when a youtuber doesn't powder their face and it's so oily, and you just want to take them by the shoulders and scream "Just apply some powder on your face!" Just me? Okay.
I'm so not a 'dewy' girl, I like shimmer on my eyelids, and on the tops of my cheeks, and that's it!

5. Most of the advent calendars are so ridiculously overpriced this year, it's awful! The ones I featured in my best budget beauty advent calendars post the other day were the ones I think were the best value for money, but ones like the Charlotte Tilbury, or Jo Malone or Diptyque ones are so overpriced, with the Charlotte Tilbury one being £150 and the Diptyque at £250! I really don't know how anyone could justify spending that much on an advent calendar, I struggled to justify paying £15 for my Tanya Burr one! 

6. Taking off makeup is such a boring task, and to be honest, a lot of the time I'll just shower with it on at night and hope it all comes off, because cleansing is such an effort...

7. I have a really bad habit of picking at my nail polish or my nails when I'm stressed, so my nails are constantly chipped (which I hate) and they're currently horrible and short and thin, (which I hate even more) and I've only painted my nails two or three times in the past two months!

8. When I first started getting into makeup when I was around 12, my go-to look for the weekend was a £1.50 foundation, concealer and powder from Asda (shade 1 for the foundation and concealer, - a nice pale orange shade- and shade 2 for the powder - a nice shade of tangerine.), blue eyeshadow from a really old MUA palette, a sparkly brown eyeshadow from the MUA palette for my eyebrows, and to top it all off, a pale pink chunky, glittery lipgloss that I stole from my mum. 

9. For around 2 years, I kept buying foundations that were far too dark for me, and now I have 3 foundations that are a range of 1 shade to dark to about 4 shades to dark that I can only wear if I mix it with literally half a bottle of my Body Shop Lightening Drops! I'm just pale and pasty at heart!

10. I rarely clean my makeup brushes. I think the last time I washed them was at the start of October. I always say I'm going to do it, but I've just got so many brushes that it takes an awful amount of time to wash them all properly! I just avoid using the really dirty ones, and I end up only being able to use about 3 brushes for my whole face! I do wonder why I've broken out in spots recently...

11. The Kylie Lip Kits, as much as I love them, are so not worth the money. The Mini Mattes that I bought away back in August are amazing, I love them so much, but I paid £50 for 6 mini liquid lipsticks, including shipping ad customs fees, which is ridiculous. 
My full size lip kit, when compared to the minis, must have a different formula, as it feels much thicker on my lips and flakes off really easily, whereas the minis are so thin and last all day without drying my lips up or flaking. So I rarely wear the full size one, and would rather wear the mini mattes instead of the full size...

12. Expiration dates on makeup? What? I've still got eyeshadow palettes and foundations and concealers from when I was about 12/13, and I still use them! According to the expiration date on my eyeshadows, I should've stopped using my Naked 3 palette almost a year ago. Do you think I'm paying £38 for a palette to just throw it away after a year or so? I don't think so!

13. I'm really bad at the whole body scrub, body butter ritual. It's just so much effort to first shave your legs, let's be real, but to spend even more time putting a scrub on them and then rubbing a thick body butter that takes at least 20 minutes to sink in properly. I'm just a shave-really-roughly-in-30-seconds-so-you-miss-90%-of-the-hair-and-practically-cut open-your-whole-leg kinda gal.

14. Lush has really went up in price, recently, and when I saw the prices of some of their Christmas rangethis year, I was shocked that most of the bath bombs are nearly five pounds! I've just asked for a Lush giftset for Christmas, which is cheaper than buying loads of the Christmas range separately. I really am not a fan of paying £5 for a bath bomb that you can only use once! I think the last time I bought a bath product from Lush was away back in April, when I went to London for my birthday, and I can remember my total for Lush costing so much for literally about 3 bath bombs.

15. This is a really unpopular one, but I absolutely love the feeling of applying foundation, especially if it's really high coverage, and I quite like the feeling of it being really thick. The Marc Jacobs foundation looks so nice to apply as it's so high coverage and thick, but I'm not planning on giving away my left arm in order to buy it anytime soon, so I'll just swoon over watching people applying it for now!


I hope you liked this post! Can you relate to any of these, or do you have any beauty confessions? Let me know in the comments, and I'll probably be able to relate to them too...

Thank you for reading, and I'll see you soon!

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