Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Christmas Favourites // Beauty, Candles & Music!

Today I thought I'd do a Christmas Favourites, as I have loads of little favourites around Christmas that I really wanted to talk out - from makeup, to biscuits, to candles!
Again, this is up quite late today, and my next post on  friday will probably be late too, as it's another gift guide and I haven't had time to properly organise it all yet!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the post!

This post is quite beauty heavy, so sorry in advance!
First off, is this custom eyeshadow palette from Makeup Obsession that I made. I dedicated a whole post to this palette (here), and I've just been so obsessed with it recently! All the shades are just so pigmented, and because I made the palette myself, I know I'll use every shade in it!
It's also so ridiculously cheap, the shadows are £2 each and I got the palette for free because of a deal Boots were doing on the brand!

Next is the Ardell Demi Wispies, which I ordered from Amazon a few months. I absolutely adore wearing lashes on special occasions, as they make my eyes look 10x bigger, and my makeup just looks so much better than it did (mainly because the lashes cover up my mistakes) These look very dramatic in the packaging, but they don't look really false or plasticy when you have them on. I'll probably be wearing these on Christmas Day, as I love getting all dressed up!

I also have this little glitter pigment from Tanya Burr Cosmetics, which I got in her advent calendar. This is in the shade Champagne Sparkle, and it's a gorgeous gold bronze-y shade with slight green reflects. Again, I'm saving this for Christmas Day, and I can't wait to use it! I think going absolutely ham with the glitter at Christmas is essential, as if you can't wear glitter at Christmas, then when can you?!

Next up is the Clinique Pop Lipstick in Cherry Pop. This is just a mini that I got from a magazine, but it's such a gorgeous pinky-toned red, and I think it's perfect for Christmas. I'm not a big red lipstick wearer, but I'm determined to wear them more now it's the Christmas season!

I also love the Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Palette at this time of year because I love using the golds and reddy brown shades together, and I think it looks so pretty and Christmassy! I absolutely adore this palette, it's so gorgeous and I've used it constantly over the past year!  

Also for lips, I've been loving the Kylie Cosmetics Mini Lip Kit in Kristen. This is like an almost-red, it's a really dark pink that almost looks red, so I think it's perfect for those(like me!) who are a bit terrified of red lipstick, and want to wear something a little less dramatic. These stay on all day without fading or flaking, and I love them so much! (If you couldn't already tell by my mentioning them in 89 blog posts.)
I've also included a nude, as if you're going a little more heavy on the eye makeup, then you might want to use a nude instead of a brighter lip! The one in the photo is the Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Bitch Perfect, which is an orange-y toned nude. This looks so gorgeous on, and I think pairing it with MAC's Boldly Bare Lipliner makes it look much better and more clean (if that makes sense, idk). I just feel so classy when I put this on, as the packing and the brand are both so luxury and fancy!

Onto nails! First I have this dark red by Essie, called Dressed to Kilt. I love wearing this around Christmas, as it's a good alternative for someone to bring red into their look without wearing it on their lips!
To go along with this polish, I also have Essie's A Cut Above, a rose-gold glitter top coat. This glitter top coat is so good, even though it's really chunky glitter, it's still really pigmented - is that the right word? - and you actually get more than 3 pieces of glitter come out on your nails! I think the red and the rose gold look so gorgeous together and I love wearing loads of bright colours and glitters on my nails at this time of year!

Okay, onto the more random Christmas favourites! 
First, I thought I'd include some candles, as it's not Christmas without a good candle - or 6 - is it? My favourite candle ever is the Yankee Candle in Candy Cane Lane, this smells really pepperminty and sweet and just so delicious, and I've just finished mine, so I have to buy a new one!

I also love Yankee Candle's Christmas Cookie, which is a really sweet, sugary scent that I love! I tend to burn this all year round as it smells so nice! 

Lastly for candles, I have this one which smells really cinnamon-y and sweet, and I was actually given this by my friend, so I don't know where it's from, but I kind of get a feeling it's from Next, or something like that and I absolutely love the scent!

Next is biscuits, my favourite thing ever on planet earth. These are Festive Friends, by Cadbury, and they only come out once a year, so I always make sure to stock up!
They're essentially little biscuits half covered in chocolate that just taste so nice, and they're also quite dangerous in the fact that when you have one, you have to keep going till you finish half the box!

Lastly, I thought I'd give a quick mention to my favourite Christmas songs! My top Christmas songs are All I Want For Christmas is You by Mariah Carey, Fairytale of New York by The Progues, Last Christmas by Wham, Slade's Merry Christmas Everybody, and I Wish it Could Be Christmas Everyday, and Band Aid's Do They Know It's Christmas. Those are my favourite festive songs ever, and I've been listening to them all on repeat for weeks! I normally just find a playlist of Christmas songs and just listen to it while I do my homework and blog.


I hope you liked this post of all my Christmas Favourites! Feel free to tell me in the comments what your favourite Christmas products are, whether that be makeup, movies, or songs! 

Thank you for reading, and I'll see you on Friday!

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  1. This is such a unique post idea I really enjoyed reading! I love the look of that rose gold glitter polish by Essie, I will definitely be checking that out! I also love those Yankee Candles and burning them this time of year makes me feel so festive! They also last a really long time too!x

    Erin // Everything Erin