Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Little Beauty Haul! // Zoella Beauty, Makeup & More!

As you would expect, I've done a little shopping recently. I've bought a lot more clothes than I have makeup, but I think a clothing haul would be a bit awkward to photograph, so here you are with a post on a few beauty bits I've bought recently!

First off, I have this little set of lipglosses from Seventeen. Did I need any more lipglosses? No. 
But I was buying some Christmas gifts in Boots, and I didn't have anything else I needed to buy, so I just picked up these lipglosses to get the three for two deal.
This set comes with six mini lipglosses, in several different shades, from purples to pinks to nudes, which I know I'll get loads of wear out of. The colours are really sheer, so they're easy to wear, I can go to school wearing one of the really bright shades and it only gives a little tint, which I really like.

Next, I got this Maybelline Colour Drama Lip Crayon in the shade 510 Red Essential. I got this because I really wanted a classic red lipstick that was matte, as I didn't own one, so I picked this up in Boots the other day! Although, I opened my Tanya Burr advent calendar today and I got a red liquid lipstick, so now I have 2 matte red lipsticks...

I also picked up a new travel size Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, as mine ran out a few weeks ago. I'll be honest, my makeup doesn't last as well or look good without this, and I look like an oily mess by the end of the day, whereas my skin looks really good when I wear this. I only buy the travel size of this, as the full size is really expensive, but I had a £5 Debenhams voucher so I only ended up paying £4 for this (it's £9 normally), which is so good!

I also made this little custom eyeshadow palette from Makeup Obsession, which I've talked about in far too many posts recently, so I won't go on too much! 
I just thought I'd give this a mention, as in Boots you can make your own little palette of single shadows that are such good quality and so pigmented for only £2 an eyeshadow! I've been obsessed with these eyeshadows since I got them and I honestly think you should give them a go!

Next I have this little Zoella Secret Scenta Set, which I bought a few days. Here's a little story: My mum couldn't get find this anywhere for my Christmas, and I found it a few days ago in Superdrug and bought it so my mum could give me the money and I could get it for Christmas, then we decide that I could just keep it and not get it for Christmas (this being the reason that this set is in this haul!). But now mum's decided that I am getting this for Christmas, so it shouldn't really feature in a haul - but oh well, too late now! 
This set comes with the 4 little body sprays Zoe came out with; Blissful Mistful, Let's Spritz, Sweet Inspirations and Bake my Day. These all smell so nice, and I'll talk about them more in my what I got for Christmas post!

Lastly, I got this little Zoella Lifestyle Organiser. This was another 'Ooh, 3 for 2? What else do we get?', although this was when my dad and I were shopping for my mum, so he told me to pick something for myself, so I picked this, as I love me some stationery! 
This comes with a little weekly agenda and post it notes for you to remember things or bookmark things, which I really like! The packaging's really cute too, and I'll be using this to death!


I hope you liked this little haul! 
I'm sorry for not posting on Sunday, I just had a lot to do and never had time to post!
I'm (finally!) finishing up school for the Christmas holidays, and I'm so ready to be freeeeeee of school for two weeks!

Thank you for reading, and I'll see you on Thursday! 
Only 5 days to gooo!

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