Monday, 12 December 2016

Makeup Obsession Eyeshadows - Custom Palette & Review

Hello everyone! Sorry this post is up a few hours late, I had an english essay to write and it took ages to do! 
Today I'm going to be doing a little review (I know I'm going a bit buts with the reviews posts, here, sorry!) on a custom eyeshadow palette I made from Boots last week! I've seen a few different people taking about them so I thought I'd join in and get my own thoughts on what they're like!

In Boots at the big Christmas section, I noticed they had these stands for Makeup Obsession products, which is a brand I'd never heard of. I decided at the time that I absolutely did not need any more eyeshadow palettes and didn't get anything... until I heard SophDoesNails raving about them in a recent video, which convinced me to go back to Boots and pick a few different shades up (for blog reasearch purposes obviously.)

The whole brand is ridiclously cheap: Their single eyeshadows are literally £2, and their contour, blush and highlighters are all £3, which is such amazing value, as the pans are absolutely huge!

So Boots are doing a deal where if you spend £12 or more on their products, you can get a free medium palette with 6 empty pans.
I bought 6 eyeshadows in little single compacts, which cost me £12, and then I got this black palette free to put them all in!

I wore these for the first time on Saturday, and I was really quite excited for how they'd work, and to see if they were really good quality. 
When you swatch them, or use them with a brush, they're so pigmented, I was kind of shocked, as I'm kind of embarrassed to say I was expecting them to have a kind of meh pigmentation. You need the tiniest bit on your brush, especially the darker colours, or you'll have a bit of a problem trying to blend it all out!

They also last for ages too (given I did use a primer with it - I always use one with eyeshadow), and don't fade in the slightest, and if I'm honest, I'm confused as to why they're so affordable, as they have the exact same kind of quality as the Urban Decay eyeshadows!

However, there are a few different negatives to this palette, starting with the fact that they do have a lot of kickback when you start swirling a brush around in them. This doesn't bother me too much, but I thought I'd give it a mention!
Also, the eyeshadows are secured in a little pan of their own, and when you pop this out of it's little plastic case and pop it into the palette, they click in, but when you try and open the palette they have a tendency to pop out, so you have to be careful when opening the palette.

Onto the shades that I picked: I chose to make a really warm, orangey palette, that has 3 shimmery shades and 3 mattes. So, onto the colours!

On the swatches on my arm from top to bottom:

  • Lucky Charm - a pinky shimmery champagne-y shade
  • Rare - a red, shimmery, coppery shade that is by far my favourite shade in the palette!
  • Burnt - a bright orange that I was a bit terrified of when I first got it, but I thought it looked so pretty when I wore it the other day!
  • Alba - a warm, matte brown (I totally don't have another 12 eyeshadows like this one...)
  • Chocolate Cream - another matte brown, however, this ones a bit more cool, and purple-y toned - it's different, I promise!
  • Rapture - A dark shimmery purple-y toned shade thing, looks so pretty! (That sentence doesn't even make sense, but I'm going to roll with it.)

Overall, I'm so impressed with these eyeshadows, and I think I might go back to Boots soon to pick up a few different colours, as they're just so gorgeous and such high-quality! I would so suggest you try these out, especially with the deal that Boots are doing just now (if you spend £12 or more, you get a free pallete!)

Thank you for reading, and I'll see you on Wednesday!
Only 13 days to gooooo!

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  1. Every time I go on Boots I see these eyeshadows and am tempted to get some. They sound amazing and I love all the shades you picked out! x