Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The Christmas Gift Guides - £10 & Under!

I thought it was about time I brought you the next installment of my Christmas gift guides! This is the £10 and under version, so it's perfect for secret santa's or little stocking stuffers! 
This is mainly beauty orientated, as the last gift guide is going to be focused on those who aren't so into beauty (yes, those people exist!).

I hope you find this somewhat helpful!

I think this is such a beautiful palette, and as it's so hyped on Youtube, I thought it'd be the perfect gift for a makeup-loving friend! I love and use every shade in this palette (apart from the funny cream shade in the top left corner), and it's so good! I've actually bought this for my friend for Christmas so I'm praying she'll like it!

This is another hugely hyped up product in the blogging world, and for good reasons. How did I ever manage to do my makeup without this? It's such an amazing product and a cheaper alternative to the real beauty blender, and I think any makeup lover would love to receive this! 

In my local Primark, I saw a set of Primark's oval Artis brushes in gold and they were all prettily packaged up as a giftset. I can't find them on Priamrk's website, but they would be such am amazing gift, as oval brushes have really became popular in the past few months! This set was only around £8 for 3 brushes, but if you can't get the set, then they sell the oval brushes individually, from £2.50 to £4 each. I actually own one of these, and they're so soft, and it only cost me £3!

I adore the S&G Sexy Motherpucker Gloss Sticks, and in this set you get three: Nudist, Pink-a-Boo, and Purple Rain. I own Nudist and I absolutely love it, and I wear mine so much that it's almost finished. 
You could get this for a friend, or buy it and split it across three of your friends, which would be really good in saving you money!

I think this palette is an amazing dupe of the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette, as it comes with the same pinky, red-y eyeshadows that are such high-quality. I on this palette myself, and I love it. The eyeshadows blend so easily, and are so pigmented, and I would love to receive this for Christmas! (Even though I've already got it, but you get what I mean...) 

6. Tanya Burr Mrs Claus Manicure Pink Glitter Nail Set - £5 (Currently £4 on Superdrug!)

These sets are so cute! They come with a full-sized bottle of nail polish, and a pretty nail file. There's two different types of set: a pinky-glittery one, and a burgundy one. They're both oly £5, which is really good if you're on a budget, or are trying to save money, as they look far more expensive than they actually are!

I actually just bought some of these eyeshadows for a blog post the other! This is a brand I'd never heard about until I saw it in the Christmas section of Boots a few weeks ago, and with their eyeshadows being so ridiculously cheap, it felt rude not to buy any!
Boots are doing a really good deal on these, where if you spend £12 on their products, you get a free empty palette that holds six eyeshadows! So you could buy someone a few of these for their Christmas and they could make their own eyeshadow palette!

In this giftset, you get two bath products, the Shooting for the Stars Bath Bomb and the Snow Angel Bath Melt. I think a Lush giftset is such a god idea for a beauty lover, as everyone loves baths, don't they?

9. Small Z Palette - £9.50

This is slightly similar to the Makeup Obsession eyeshadows I just mentioned, but Z Palettes are very well known, and you can purchase them on Beauty Bay. This is just a small Z Palette, and can hold 9 single Makeup Geek eyeshadows. This could be good if you buy someone the palette and then they can buy their own eyeshadows for it!

10. Makeup Geek Single Eyeshadows - £6.00 - £9.25

Or, if you have a friend who already has their own Z Palette going, then you could buy them a Makeup Geek eyeshadow, as they're meant to be really high-quality! The normal shadows are slightly cheaper at £6.00, but the gorgeous foiled eyeshadows are a bit more pricey at £9.25, but I'm sure any makeup lover would love to get these! You can get these on Beauty Bay too!

This set seems to come out every year, and it comes with a range of lipglosses from nudes to reds to a purple! This again would be good for just one friend, or you could buy it as a little extra for your friends and divide it up between them (and depending how many friends you have, you can keep one or two for yourself!)

This set is all about my favourite set ever from Soap and Glory, Sugar Crush. I love this scent so much, and I would love to have a set like this! It comes with hand cream, body wash, body scrub, body butter and a loofah, all with the Sugar Crush scent! This is such an amazing set, and it's only £10.

Sorry, I couldn't just leave it at one Lush set, could I? This is another really good set, which comes with Father Christmas Bath Bomb, and Peeping Santa Bubble Bar. As I said earlier, Lush sets are such an easy gift for anyone, whether you know them well or not.

This is one of my favourite giftsets that came out this year, as it's such good value for money, and comes with 4 of the liquid lipsticks by Sleek, in several different colours: a nude, a pink, a red, and a really dark red. This set is quite hard to find now, in all my local Boots it's sold out, but if you do find it, I think it would be a really good gift for anybody who loves makeup!

This is a really good set from Zoe's beauty range. This comes with 3 of her bath fizzers, all in a really cute gingerbread shape. I'm not sure if they come in the gingerbread scent too, but I've heard loads of people talk about these fizzers and say they're really good, and if you have a friend who's a Youtuber lover, or loves a good pamper evening, then a gift like this would be amazing for them!


I hope you liked this post! I prefer doing the £10 and under guides as there's loads to choose from and I thought that most people would find this the most helpful!

Anyway, thank you for reading, and I'll see you on Thursday!

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  1. Thankyou for the gift ideas! I always forget that there's really cheap things you can buy for presents. For some reason my brain only thinks of the expensive gifts :(

    Claire ❤ | My Little Memoir