About Me

Hello everybody! I'm Robyn (No my name is not actually Daisy) and I love all things beauty, fashion and skincare!

I like to blog about not only beauty, but what kind of books I've been loving, or tag posts, or just random little rambles (try saying that five times fast).

Why make a blog using a different name to my own? Good question. I don't really know either. Daisy has always been one of my favourite names, and when I was brainstorming ideas for the name of this blog, I just came up with Oh So Daisy. I should have just called it Oh So Robyn, but I didn't think it sounded as good.

I made this blog because I wanted my own special part of the internet where I can write about anything I want, and I also loved reading other people's blogs and and I really wanted to have a blog of my own.

I also typed up a few questions that people might want to ask me, if you have anymore, just leave a comment down below and I'll answer you as best as I can!


Q - Is your name Daisy?

A - No, my name is Robyn. Very confusing, I know.

Q - How old are you?

A - I am 17, my birthday is on the 22nd April.

Q - Where are you from?

A - I'm from Scotland!

Q - What camera do you take your blog photos on?

A - I actually take and edit my blog photos on my iPhone 5S, I'm too poor to buy a camera!

Q - Will you post a picture of yourself?

A - As of right now, I prefer to have my blog semi-anonymous and not post pictures of myself, but hopefully in the future I will!

Q - How did you make your banner?

A - I actually made it on Picmonkey, I searched from watercolour splashes on Google and then added a pretty font over the top!
(Just to add, the floral watercolour wreath in my little name badge is from www.craftberrybush.com, it's so pretty!)

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  1. Hey! So in currently being creepy and stalking your blog, aha. 🙈 But I LOVE it!!
    Omg you're from Scotland, aka, the place I want to go so badly!! Gah, Im so jealous!