My blog is PR friendly, which means that I would be delighted to receive new products and try them out and review them on my blog.

I will however, be honest to my readers. If I get the chance to try out a product, I will write a truthful review and I won’t lie to my readers, regardless if I am writing a sponsored post or not.

If I am lucky enough to be involved in writing a sponsored post, the post will be clearly marked with a ‘*’.

I wouldn’t agree to work with a PR company on something that isn’t relevant to my blog, as personally, I wouldn’t like to read a post on a new type of toaster on a blog that normally writes about beauty or fashion.

I would only work with a company whose products I think works for me or would benefit my readers.

Everything featured in my blog was either bought by me or kindly gifted to me by a friend or family member.

If you are a PR company reading this, feel free to get in touch with me using my email I would be open to doing reviews, collaborations or anything else, as long as what you’re advertising is relevant to my blog. 

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